Below AND Above Sea Level (Fifty Shades of Grey Skies)

I personally haven't read this book yet but last weekend, I had some encounters with "Christian Grey". The calming waters suddenly went mad like crazy and skies suddenly turned grey as big sister takes on her very first diving course with the help of friendly people from GearUp Diving. She was holding and reading this book the whole time so I took a shot - this is definitely going into my blog.

USB Under The Sea (Transcend JetFlash T3S Review)

My line of work involves the internet and computers. Similarly, file transfer is always present. We are starting to use a cloud based technology in our company to have majority of our files accessible at any place any time of the day for our own convenience specially if there are work loads that has to be done outside the office place - like a meeting in a dive resort or something.

Truth be told,  technology fail sometimes (specially when you need it the most!). Internet availability on product presentations, power interruption in the middle of the meeting, wifi connection fails, a sudden need to print something, blahblahblah and the list goes on. You have nothing else to do but to switch to another plan - not unless you only have A,B, and C and forgot to fill-out the rest of the letters of the alphabet.

So where exactly am I going at? File transfers, internet, or computers? Haha!  ;)

Teeny Tiny Metallic USB
My newest USB Flashdrive

Digital Painting is MMM~

The Thrift Trip Blog
My Nth Take on Digital Painting
Wacom Pentablet is driving me nuts. I seriously want to take it home. There are a lot of things that I can do with it with all of the things I have on my hand.

This is just one of the projects I'm currently working on. So I guess yes, you need to watch out for it. ;)

Joy C.

Game Changer For A Whiter and Younger You - Luminous Glutathione Patch

I am serious when I say I'm trypanophobic. Injection has been one of my biggest fears up until now (I still scream and freak out on blood test and simple vaccine procedures). So when I heard straight from my boss that there is another way of taking gluta whitening that doesn't involve injection or pills, I suddenly got giddy and excited! A product not just for whitening but also works as an anti-aging supplement, who wouldn't?

The Thrift Trip Blog
Luminous Whitening Patch

Photo Dump - Pagbilao, Quezon

I went to Pagbilao, Quezon for a vacation - also to invade my elder sister's silent sanctuary while she's out there at the plant analyzing smoke coming out of the giant kettle (we call it "takure"). More photos? ;p

Happiness is -

Posting this because I'm extremely happy. And most of all, loved. :)

Pentab and Some Mixed Emotions

Earlier today, I bugged one of my favorite department in our office place and found this Wacom Pen Tablet parked in one of the corners of the room. Being so artsy and ambitious at the same time, I borrowed it from Rui (one of my favorite colleagues).

Lost for a while ;)

Hi readers! I've been out for a while, haven't you noticed? I made this post to give an update of what I've been doing recently so please please pardon me for the photo dump in the next couple of seconds.

Food Trip - Champs Burger

 What can you buy with Php 215 nowadays? A hefty satisfying one full course burger meal at Champs Burger!

D-I-Y Sessions: Handmade Paper Making

"The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which mean never losing your enthusiasm."
-Aldous Huxley

*  *  *
Back when I was still a kid, I used to make "butingting" of all the things I own. My favorite hangout place would be the junk shop in front of our house at Quezon City (where I got the deepest scar on my right eye) or my dad's workplace - a cluttered offset printing press where I would gather different kinds of paper and make them into a note pad of my own. When Daddy (my great great uncle) was still alive, I used to be his personal assistant whenever he needs to finish a household project at Bulacan, which I really enjoyed by the way. These used to be my definition of fun,  I never knew I would take it with me until I grew up.

Inspired by "basurerang" sister, here's to share a D-I-Y activity you might want to try at home: 

Roses Are Red - Black Book Series

My baby Cancan (Canon DSLR 450D) is finally back! Yoohooo! Big thanks to Canon Philippines Customer Service team, they've been very helpful in fixing the lens of my baby. They normally give 14 working days for a damaged camera part to be fixed but I they got mine,  fully operational,  in just 5 working days! Good job!

*  *  *  *

My DSLR has been a part of my everyday life already. If I can only take pictures while sleeping, I will! It sort of broke my heart when I found out 3 weeks ago that my lens is not properly working. I don't know what happened but the lens seems like stuck and is not moving. What's worse is that I have few events scheduled for end of April and early May. Without a functional lens, I won't be able to document the events I've been to.

Then I suddenly remembered Camera Cart, an online store via renting out photography equipment such as lenses, cameras and photography light packages to both professionals and budding photographers. I have availed their services way back 2008/2009, when I was still practicing on digital photography. The very first unit I used way back then  was a Canon 350D. I was able to contact Sir Melvene (owner) and luckily, he still remembered me.

I did a funshoot with my dear friend Lea last May 1 using a rented lens (28-105mm Canon Lens) for only Php 350/day. And with my Camera Cart Membership Card, I was also able to get a discount! Yay for the thrift!

So without further ado, here's a photo dump of Roses Are Red - a photoshoot inspired by a red lipstick. Haha. I would've uploaded all those amazing photos of my dear friend, it's just that majority of them are not for show. ;p


*  *  *  *

An Instant Dip - Aqua Pool Party and A Feel of A Tech-Savvy Marine Theme Park

How often do you go out to socialize and mingle with lots of people? And when you get to participate to these kinds of events, how fast does it get to your circles?

People nowadays want other people (in their own circles) to know their own whereabouts - where they dine, what they had, who they were with. Social media sites specifically Facebook and Twitter have been the favorite tools used by most Filipinos to connect with their friends real time. The virtual world has been more accessible with the help of the latest gadgets currently available in the market.

In today's demand for advanced digital technology and an evolving online lifestyle, Manila Ocean Park introduces the latest technology to become the leading tech-savvy theme park in the country. I'm one of the lucky people to have a first hand experience as they go High Tech. ;)

The Event

A Lawless Love - Illustration

Keij Ejercito Delayed Law Student

Jing aka 'Keij Ejercito' is taking law at San Beda College. It amazes me how she comes up with cheesy posts about LOVE and LAW while completing her studies in a law school. Got this idea adopted from her post called "A Lawless Love: Para sa mga Law Students na Nagmahal, Nagmamahal at Magmamahal Pa Lang". Enjoy!

Swim, Luxe, and the Style Icons - i love koi's Swimwear Fashion Show

I've blogged about Summer Pretty Preps and Must Haves last month and it was only then I appreciated and literally fell in love with the different swimwear collections I found online. The best of the swim suits are here in the Philippines, oh my!

One of the local online stores that I've been secretly spying on for swimwear collection is i love koi. They have a variety of designs and styles for different body types, something that other online stores don't have .

 i love koi is also the pioneer maker of high waist  bottom in the Philippines which was inspired by vintage swim wear tweaked with a modern twist. Their shades of blue, orange and pink are my favorite.

Taking Coffee Religiously - Cafe Dominic

I'm on phase 1 of my quarter life crisis and I am endlessly evolving. Experience are great teachers, real friends will keep you up. I'm keeping myself busy with what I've learned from everyday living and I will seek more knowledge and training. Snapshots keeps me going, one reason I can't let go of the very first dslr I own. People say it's quite an old model (a canon 450D, my dearest "Cancan") but who cares? I own it and I'm gonna use it anyway.

For some reason, I've been indulging myself with Photoshop and Lightroom these past few weeks and suddenly came up with another photo watermark.  I'm gonna use this for copyright purposes. Pinterest has been very helpful too, my pinboards helped me a lot to organize the things I love and things I want to see. Inspirations indeed.

Photoblog - Holy Pancake

I cooked Cheesy Pancake last Black Saturday. Little brother says it's delicious, I just wished it was appreciated by somebody else. Oh well.

Jhoysi's Cheesy Pancake

  • 250 grams Maya Original Hotcake Mix
  • 1/2 Cup Cowhead Pure Milk
  • Eden Milk Cheese, cut in tiny cubes
  • 1 regular sized egg
  • 1 cup of water
  • A pinch of salt and sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of cooking oil
* * *

Have you noticed my new copyright signature? Heehee. <3

Summer of 2012 - Eagle Point Resort

I failed to finish Jenson Taylor's 7day Blogging Challenge last week, I wasn't able to touch my blog since Sunday. I really need to start working on my schedule. When things gets messy and when unnecessary events comes in, that's where dilemma starts. :( I failed.

* * * 

But happiness never fails, especially fun and excitement. We just had our company summer outing last Saturday and so far, it was one of the best days of my 2012.

We were able to visit one of the famous beach resorts in Batangas - Eagle Point Resort

Warning: photo dump ahead. Beware of the breath taking view, I'm so proud of the beaches we have here in the Philippines.

We were all welcomed by this scenic view - I cried with happiness when I saw the blue skies and the blue seas!

MV Angelica  - the Sepoc Island Vessel
We went to the famous Sepoc Island transported by this vessel. It's a 20-minute boat ride from Eagle Point Resort.

We were all in awe when we saw this from afar:

A welcome greeting in rock formation by the seashore! This really made all of our employees happy! How sweet of Eagle Point Resort's Management!

There's so much that you can do at Sepoc Island. Aside from the usual swimming, snorkeling, and sun bathing, they also have an area where you can play games with your team - volleyball, relay games, etc. If you're not quite satisfied and want more, you may try rappelling on the other side of the island or climb your way up the mountain peek to get an awesome view of the cove. Just make sure you have the right equipment with you. 

And of course, don't forget to take photos of the awesome little things!

We all went back to Eagle Point Resort to rest and spend the rest of our 2-day vacation. Dining was good too, just beware that if you plan on getting their buffet meals, you have enough space to fill your stomach with LOTS of food. 

Here are the rest of the photo dump. Enjoy!

This is my favorite photo, the sky is amazing.

A view of Eagle Point's bay side.

This is where most of the guests of Eagle Point spend their day diving, the water is so clear.

My tiny feet touched the shark pool. YAY!

The sunset. Need I say more?

A view of the cottages. Eagle Point's Cottages and Cabanas are perfect for a group of  4 people.

The Shark Pool. There are about 5-7 baby sharks here, with other underwater thingies.

And I shall end my post with this:

The happy people of Tridel Technologies, makers of iManila and iRepublic
Thank you very much Eagle Point Resort for making our company outing fun and memorable!

(To view our company outing photos, please visit this link.)

INQUIRE at Eagle's Point Resort to know more about their rates and accomodation:

Lower Ground, Cancho Gonzalez Bldg.
101 Aguirre cor. Trasierra Sts., Legazpi Village,
Makati City, Philippines
Telephone: +63 2 8133553,
Fax/Ph: +63 2 8133560
Mobile: +63 9175625223

Bario Bagalangit,
Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines
Resort Mobile:+63 9178463958 and +63 918463958