Lost for a while ;)

Hi readers! I've been out for a while, haven't you noticed? I made this post to give an update of what I've been doing recently so please please pardon me for the photo dump in the next couple of seconds.

I've been studying.

Photo credits for Steven, who's been documenting stuffs for our project 
Kuya and I enrolled in a class at UP-ITDC for Search Engine Optimization joined by few others who are also hungry for site optimization knowledge. Working for the best web design company here in the Philippines (with 16 years of experience), we somewhat have background on how to do it, however we still want to be certified. We will be finishing it soon so I guess this means more time for blogging.

While studying, I'm taking time to capture photos within the university through Kuya's new iPad. Yes, I am spamming his iPad. Instagram has been sort of my addiction lately.

Aside from this, big sister has been generous to lend me her N8, in which I used as an alternative for iPhone (still can't afford one, haha). Apps are very useful you know, specially the Sophie Cam and Camera Lover - you can get the same effects from Instagram and immediately upload it through your social media sites. Here are some of the photos I took:

Been also doing invitations for events for bloggers and luckily, I got positive feed backs in a span of 2 weeks. One of our partner companies will be launching a new product soon and I can't wait to finally meet and greet the famous Fashion Bloggers I've been looking up to for ages. Geez, I'm one excited baby!

And lastly, I've been integrating social media into my blog - primarily because it's how it works nowadays. As I mentioned from my previous posts, I really am not aiming to be an online social icon but I simply want to share my journey to thrift. So if you ever have time, like my blog fanpage right here.

So there. Those were my updates and I am looking forward to more blogging in a few weeks time. Lots of unpublished posts but I'll get there, slowly but surely.