I Just Got Inked Again... In Dubai!

licensed tattoo artist in Dubai

My third ink just healed and I've been raving about it on my Instagram. And where did I get this done? From a licensed tattoo artist in Dubai. :)


It's true, not many of the tattoo artists here in the UAE possess a license to operate and perform this type of art. For most muslims and locals, getting a tattoo is forbidden and is considered as a form of self-injury.

Although getting a tattoo is not legally penalised in the UAE, it is forbidden to get a tattoo done by an unlicensed tattoo artist due to the risks it may cause to public health. Licensed artists need to comply with relevant health standards and the tools they should use must be sterilised to avoid  the transmission of serious diseases like Aids or Hepatitis and other skin diseases.

licensed tattoo artist in Dubai

Mine was done in a clinic along Jumeirah Road by a licensed tattoo artist. This means they are fully equipped with materials, from anaesthesia, cotton balls,  down to the needles all wrapped up and sterilised. You can check his Instagram account in case you'd be interested.

The Process

licensed tattoo artist in Dubai

Before I went to the clinic and get the ink done, I forwarded the design I'd like to place just between my shoulders and neck. It's about 2.5x2.5 inches and I was informed it will only take about 30-45minutes depending on the details of the art. The assistant placed anaesthesia cream on my skin so it will not hurt - this is something underground tattoo artist don't normally do when they perform a tattoo so I quite feel safe. Note that before the design was transferred on my skin, the artist shaved the area first.

licensed tattoo artist in Dubai

licensed tattoo artist in Dubai

licensed tattoo artist in Dubai

And the procedure began. I was wearing a white dress (not ideal) and it sort of got a bit messy. So my best advice? Wear a black top when getting inked. My tattoo artists used a high caliber machine from Germany and he also covered it with plastic adhesive for safety reasons, he's also equipped with hygienic supplies that you will normally see in a clinic.

Did it hurt? The answer is yes because I asked to have it placed somewhere near the spine. Not ideal but I think it will look pretty in there so hehe. My tolerance with pain is quite high but on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), I'd rate this 7.5. The other ones I have are a bit small, felt like a bite of an insect (not a bee) when it was done a couple of months back.

licensed tattoo artist in Dubai

This is how it looked like after 30mins, he again placed a dab of cream on it so it heals quickly. The artist advised to keep the area open so the skin can heal immediately (you need to tie your hair up all the time if you have long locks). It took about 6days before it completely healed.

I'm loving this tattoo right here, a design I picked and was a bit modified by the licensed tattoo artist. You might be asking how much this cost me but really, it depends on the design. A standard sized tattoo will cost you less, one line text of a 0.5x2inch is about AED 300 and up. The design I have cost higher because this one is bigger and it would be better if you forward something that you like and they can quote it for you right away. You can send a Whatsapp inquiry to +971 54 421 5707 or email info@skins.ae should you require information.

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Claudio Inove is a licensed permanent makeup and tattoo artist in Dubai. He also performs tattoo removal and other permanent make-up procedures in a clinic. 

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Procedure captured by @blurryhaven

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  1. Hi! The link to your tattoo artist's Instagram account is no longer active. Does he now have an alternate account? Thank you!