Will This Be The Last Leg Of Project Quinary in the UAE?

instameets in UAE

I don't think so. This post has nothing to do with goodbyes or dramas. And if I have a time machine, I would go back to this day/night and tape everything, the exploration and the experience was awesome. Plus, I get to share it with the right people who just activated my inner crazy.

Empty Quarter at Liwa Desert Abu Dhabi

The Mastermind: Ozan (@kindafolka)
The Project: #ProjectQuinary (@projectquinary)

Project Quinary is an InstaExploration initiative. They started with five people and eventually got more Instagrammers to get involved. The aim is to capture as many photos and discover hidden places everywhere until there are no blank spaces in the maps. Interesting isn't it? But with Ozan leaving the UAE very soon, IGERS ask "What will happen next?".

Instameet in Abu Dhabi

Instameet in Abu Dhabi

Instameet in Abu Dhabi

It was later on answered when we arrived at the Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali) of Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi.  At 20 something degrees, I will tell you that it was drizzling while we were on our way to the camp site. The stunning view of the sunset and grammers always ready to pull over to take some snaps made the long drive worthwhile. At this point I was sitting at the back seat of @webbytechy's car and a stranger to some. It was my first InstaExploration I have ever attended with the group so I was a newbie,  I never knew I'd be more connected to the world as I thought I already am.

Instameet in Abu Dhabi

The rain, the thunder, and the lightning are ready to kick our asses off the camp site. But these guys are amazing - they are all brave enough to stay up on a cold night, ready to build another fire even if the strong wind was blowing hard (so hard it made my tent flew like a ball just like that). They have their equipments ready for every strike of the lightning. The rest were equipped with props (steel wool, etc) to make every photo interesting. I never met anyone as passionate as they are. "Are you guys good? Have you rested? Ok let's go to that creepy place and start shooting," that's what Ozan said when I was about to get a nap at 2am.

If you call this an adventure, then I probably had one of the best adventures of my life. Project Quinary will stay, that's for sure. As long as there places to explore and as long as there are [kickass] people who'd want to share a piece of them to the world, the exploration will continue.

Thank you Ozan, for inspiring us to explore and to collect as much memories as we can. We will always be your second home. :)

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