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Hi! My name is Jhoysi and I'm a lifestyle, travel, and a mommy blogger currently based in Quezon City. I am from the Philippines and have also lived in the UAE and Boracay Island for a few years. I like wandering around my city because this is where I meet people and I think, I get to know myself more if I share a piece of me with the world.

I love eating.

Long before I became anything, I'm definitely a foodie. I spend most of the time exploring hole-in-the-wall restaurants so I can try something new. I eat almost everything but I love seafood and local street food the most! My favourite Arabic dishes are moutabal and tabouleh but I'm willing to give other dishes a try as long as it tastes good. 

And because I'm a foodie, don't be surprised if I take a photo of my food first. This has been my ritual since 2013, when I got acquainted with Instagram. 

I like going places.

Whenever I go and see places, I travel on a budget. If I can, I take the cab but riding cab is not as exciting as getting lost while walking. Sometimes I like long drives sitting on the passenger seat - it makes me feel like a princess.  

The places that I like to visit are places that tells a story. Plus I have a thing for walls, windows, and doors.

I love dressing up.

I don't have specific style that I follow regularly but sometimes, I like playing around with the things I find in my closet. Street style "sophisti-cute" is how they describe my fashion sense. I know nothing about it but my choice of fashion is always comfort otherwise, you will see a stiff side of me.

I love taking pictures.

Winner 2016 Cosmo Awards Middle East - Best Use Of Photography


And because I love all these things, I found myself writing about it and came up with this blog. Other than that, I'm a corporate slave doing Digital Marketing and Google Street View Photography all for the love of it. If you can't find me here, you can always find me somewhere else.

Media kit and blog case studies available upon request.

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Cosmo Awards 2016  Finalist for Best Use Of Photography

Part of Illustrado Magazine's 100 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf 2016 and 2017
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