Hello World, Meet The Thrift Trip's Plus 1!

Photo captured by @thepandastudio

2 months after giving birth, here I am back to blogging. In case you don't know, I gave birth via C-section - something that I didn't plan but with God's grace everything went extremely smooth and I recovered faster than the usual. So let me introduce my newborn Dani Elise, the official plus 1 of TheThriftTrip.com .

Something To Look Forward This Year


The year that was: chaotic, fun, surprising, and painful at the same time. Hello dear readers, how have you been?

I honestly thought that my half-baked May 2018 post about Iftar, just before the NMC License has been implemented in the UAE, would be my last until something else (beautifully) happened thus this reflection sheet I've been drafting during the last days of the previous year but obviously failed miserably.

I've been on and off social media - especially in September when I was expected to be present at the most, flaunting off my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (I did on my Instagram, BTW. Too proud to be an ambassador for the 2nd time around). To be quite honest, with or without ambassadorship, I would be forever thankful that I met this mobile device. It made my life so much easier with easy access on everything that I am bound to do for my media activities (extended battery life included) and at the same time, it opened my senses to something else.

Best of Reasonably Priced Iftars In Dubai 2018

Ramadan season is here and you know what I have always been looking forward to? Iftars *tummy clap*! I've written countless articles about Iftars in Dubai on my blog for the past 4 years and likewise, I'm here to do another round-up - this time, for a list of the most reasonable Iftar selection around town!

Every year, lifestyle bloggers like myself get invited for these kinds of event not only to sample food but also to get acquainted with other influencers. And mind you, this is not just about endless eating - we provide the facility an honest feedback about their food because we get to try what they will be serving soon for the month of Ramadan. Shall we get started?

Arabian Travel Market - Booths I Visited In 2018

From Asia to US/Canada and everything in between - you'll find the top resource from hotels, resorts, tourism companies, and airlines were all at the Arabian Travel Market 2018. This was my 5th year of attending the annual travel exhibition and every year, it gets bigger and better. Check out my latest video on YouTube (and don't forget to subscribe, lol):

Brunch Outside Dubai: Cove Rotana (Gourmed Basilico)

Welcome to the mini Greece of the UAE! Having friends who work in the hospitality industry gets me access to visit beautiful places like The Cove Rotana Resort in Ras Al Khaimah. But obviously, you gotta get a glimpse of the place first for you to know what I am talking about so here it is: