Pentab and Some Mixed Emotions

Earlier today, I bugged one of my favorite department in our office place and found this Wacom Pen Tablet parked in one of the corners of the room. Being so artsy and ambitious at the same time, I borrowed it from Rui (one of my favorite colleagues).

I used to draw a lot. For some reason, I like drawing eyes of people - I sometimes think that eyes are the only thing that never lie. I perfected sketching eyes way back when charcoal and paper were still my best friends. Sometimes I do caricature or dress sketches. Then photoshop came in (with many versions) and I suddenly forgot how to use them. 

And I finally decided to give it a try once again. I made a couple of doodles today.

Who else but Kuya

NFF Emmy

My boss

Then I realized the skill I had with me ever since I was a kid never really disappeared. Just like the Wacom Pen Tablet I found, it was just waiting there for me to use.

I think I'm gonna draw and do sketches again. Taking photos is sometimes tiring.