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I am serious when I say I'm trypanophobic. Injection has been one of my biggest fears up until now (I still scream and freak out on blood test and simple vaccine procedures). So when I heard straight from my boss that there is another way of taking gluta whitening that doesn't involve injection or pills, I suddenly got giddy and excited! A product not just for whitening but also works as an anti-aging supplement, who wouldn't?

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Luminous Whitening Patch

Last July 5, 2012,  I was luckily invited to a night of fine wine and dining at Rastro (Bonifacio Global City) to witness the unveiling of the first ever glutathione patch here in the Philippines - the new Luminous Patch.  

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It's a transdermal patch technology that continuosuly delivers 250mg of Glutathione and 250mg of Vitamin C to your body with an absorption rate of 95% into the bloodstream. This combination has for years been known to provide skin whitening. However, it was only proven to be effective in the injection form.

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This patch is not just for whitening! Many people are familiar with the whitening effects of glutathione but totally miss the tremendous power of the anti aging properties that it possess. Glutathione, for all we know, is an extraordinary anti-oxidant. It is basically capable of naturally detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and reduces free radicals that cause our cells to age.

Using the Luminous System, you are supplementing the natural glutathione in your body that diminishes as we get older and thereby reducing your free radicals.This is an exciting advancement in whitening. This is the product that the beauty industry needs - effective, safe and closely effective to injection. 

Patch Placement 101:

Going through glutathione's absorption rate, here are some details that users should know:

Glutathione Cream 10%
Glutathione Soap 8%
Glutathione Pills 5%
Glutathione Injections 100%
Luminous Patch 95%

It's also important that users should read the instructions guide included in the box. I'm one of the first few who tested the product and here are some of the areas where you can place the patch on your body:

The patches work best when placed on the "effective areas" of the body such as the wrists, arms, tummy and inner thigh, inner knee, inner elbow or hip region. This product is completely safe with no known side effects. One patch whitens for up to 12 hours and this transdermal patch technology is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

I would highly recommend to place the patch behind the elbows (as shown above) IF you want to experience THE effect - you will feel a very slight hot sensation similar to a Salonpas but will later on disappear after it penetrates the thinnest part of your skin. I'm just about to finish my 1st week and so far so good. What I'm loving about it is that it gives me that sudden hype and energy boost and whenever I have one attached on my body, I don't seem to get tired that easily. Cool right? Of course, if your primary purpose of purchasing this kind of product is because you want a whiter skin, proper skin care is still imperative to achieve best results (sunblock application, healthy food, no smoking, etc.)

Is it worth the thrift? A box that contains 15 whitening patches costs Php 6,850 which can last for a month, with visible results after 2 or 3 weeks depending on your metabolism. This is exclusively distributed by Blue Dynamics, an iVentures group of companies and will be available in some selected salons and spas in the Philippines in a month's time.

Anyway, here are some event photos courtesy of Emil Buencamino and Chad Trocio (official event photographers). Enjoy!

With blogger  Lee Shen Gee of Shen's Addiction

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Endorsers with the fab four managing partners of Luminous Whitening Patch

Luminous Endorsers and Race Chip Models Geng Maderazo, and Michanne Umali with TV Commercial Model Kris Nuqui and iVentures pretty Business Development Executive Emmy Villegas

Chynna  Ortaleza with a friend and Jay Tablante

Zalora Team

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To know more about the product, visit their website at or like their Facebook Fanpage to get the latest updates.

I'm excited to see a little change in me in a few weeks time. Yay!

Joy C.


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  2. did it work? how long can you see the result (for whitening)?