Taking Coffee Religiously - Cafe Dominic

I'm on phase 1 of my quarter life crisis and I am endlessly evolving. Experience are great teachers, real friends will keep you up. I'm keeping myself busy with what I've learned from everyday living and I will seek more knowledge and training. Snapshots keeps me going, one reason I can't let go of the very first dslr I own. People say it's quite an old model (a canon 450D, my dearest "Cancan") but who cares? I own it and I'm gonna use it anyway.

For some reason, I've been indulging myself with Photoshop and Lightroom these past few weeks and suddenly came up with another photo watermark.  I'm gonna use this for copyright purposes. Pinterest has been very helpful too, my pinboards helped me a lot to organize the things I love and things I want to see. Inspirations indeed.

* * *

Yet another date with big sister, this time a mon-date. We don't see each other that much lately (she's working in a giant kettle at Quezon Province and it's a blessing that monday is a holiday) but we find time to religiously bond and talk about anything under the sun. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. ;p

Right across the street where we both grew up lies the Parish of Sto. Domingo, the home of Our Lady of La Naval. This place has left a special place in my heart.  I was baptized here and this is where I found real friends through service - the Kaibigan Movement of Sto. Domingo.

With my passion for finding hole-in-the-wall restos and thrifty food place in the metro, I was a bit hyped when I heard from biggie that Sto. Domingo will soon have it's own Cafe. I told myself, "This is a must see cafe, I should pay a visit". I first blogged it here but wasn't able to take photos of the place itself.

So here you go, let me give you a quick tour to Cafe Dominic. Photo dump ahead. Enjoy! 

Cafe Dominic is located at 8 Biak na Bato St. Sto. Domingo, Quezon City

Cafe Dominic's  kitchen and dining wares -on sale!

This place is ideal for students taking law. :)

Unlimited cakes and coffee for Php 150?! No way! 
One of the nicest lines I've seen in history.

That yummy Choco Mint

And for finale, here are some of big sister's happy photos in black and white. ^__^

What do you think of my new watermark? ;p