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Taking Coffee Religiously - Cafe Dominic

I'm on phase 1 of my quarter life crisis and I am endlessly evolving. Experience are great teachers, real friends will keep you up. I'm keeping myself busy with what I've learned from everyday living and I will seek more knowledge and training. Snapshots keeps me going, one reason I can't let go of the very first dslr I own. People say it's quite an old model (a canon 450D, my dearest "Cancan") but who cares? I own it and I'm gonna use it anyway.

For some reason, I've been indulging myself with Photoshop and Lightroom these past few weeks and suddenly came up with another photo watermark.  I'm gonna use this for copyright purposes. Pinterest has been very helpful too, my pinboards helped me a lot to organize the things I love and things I want to see. Inspirations indeed.

Of Sweet Talks, Mint Tea, and Pink Posies

My elder sister. She's been sort of my regular date every Sunday - we love those sweet little talks about life, love, relationship, growing up, blahblahblah. I threw up the other night we were having this intimate talk (shame on me) but she managed to stay and listened to my fairy tale stories as I listened to hers. 

She reads a lot and is a very good writer too. She's my personal proof reader, I'm totally dependent on her when it comes to writing or blogging. :)

Lately, she thinks she's becoming a little bit cynical about life and love, I think she just needs to smile once in awhile.  

She's the one who introduced me to Cafe Dominic's Calamansi Mint Tea, which is now my favorite mint tea by the way.

And yes, I'm wearing Venus and Mars Pink Posies (butter tint) and Pretty Bliss (matte finish blush) on this photo. ;p


Credits to Aze for taking my photos and for inspiring me to do photography, you will always  be on the top list of people who's continuously driving me to do better everyday. Time will come and we will both believe in happy endings once again. If that happens, I would surely be there to be your ever supportive lovely maid who will carry your veil with bare feet walking down that aisle. Don't forget to smile more often. I love you to the bones.