Boracay Island Life - April and May Events

Ola again from the isla!

You might have been wondering what's going on in Boracay as you haven't seen any updates here. Summer is indeed a busy season in Boracay: a lot of events have happened which made me realize that my life is not just all about the online world (well, sometimes I need to check Facebook once in awhile to know who's in the island from my circle of trusts). We all need to go out, meet people and enjoy the outdoor activities. Any way, here's to share the highlights of my April and May events:

Hanging out with these girls somewhat made me love the outdoors more. Another advantage of being with them is I get to learn a li'l bit of their language. The first word that I learned - SAMOK.

 I'm actually thinking of studying a new sport which led me to this kite surfing shop:

Pinas Kite Surfing Center is offering kite boarding lessons at a very reasonable rate so if interested, you may contact them here. I'm torn between kite surfing and diving, really.

Stay Sun Protected

Ola from the isla!

This extremely weird face is brought to you by the excitement of summer 2013! I've been here in Boracay for the past 3 months but still, this giddy summer feeling haven't really disappeared at all. So how's everyone spending their summer so far?

Afternoon Delight

I will now be working on a different schedule which means I'll have more time sharing things on my blog. I just hope my laptop won't give up on me. See, I told you previously things are getting pretty exciting around here.

A story about the photos on this post: I recently moved in with a roommate who happened to be fond of taking photos as well. Just like I am, she loves dressing up and some afternoons we play with what we have in our closet. And in lieu of the summer season, we came up with this.

I think my roommate will make a good photographer someday, don't you think?


Joy with a C.
From the island of B

First Quarter Of My Island Life

Hello everyone!

A few more days and I'm just about to celebrate my 3rd month living here on the island (hooray!). I've been trying my best to keep up with my blogging duties but it seems that my laptop doesn't want to cooperate. Argh. I really need to get a new one - the kind that can handle the latest version of Photoshop (a CS6 or CS5 maybe) and will allow me to do more artworks for my "supposedly" side job. *sigh* Laptop fail.

Island Life And Some of My Favorite Places

Hello there! 

I'm really really sorry for inserting this photo because you know, I get this semi-ventricular contractions whenever I get near my crush and suddenly he's here and I'm so excited to a take a photo beside him and I died in one corner palpitating forever~ WHY SOOO HOT DEREK RAMSAY?!

For the past month/s I've been here, I've been going places by myself trying to find my personal spot. I'm quite lucky I get my Saturdays and Sundays off this month. As usual, I bring Cancan along to play with me - we always go on a photo date. Although my unit can't get as much as amazing photos as other DSLRs can (gigantic lenses excuse me please), I still love it and I am always taking care of it just like a real baby. Much as possible, I won't let anyone hold my little baby. Cancan is mine and mine alone.