Stay Sun Protected

Ola from the isla!

This extremely weird face is brought to you by the excitement of summer 2013! I've been here in Boracay for the past 3 months but still, this giddy summer feeling haven't really disappeared at all. So how's everyone spending their summer so far?

Mine's just getting more exciting every single day. While my weekends are more productive than ever (thank you very much dear Lord for all the opportunities to shoot places), I'm also starting to adopt the island lifestyle. I'm think I'm becoming a lot healthier here - I eat root crops and veggies, fresh seafood and all things fresh that can be found here in the island, I walk and swim regularly to exercise, AND breathing fresh sea air is just one of the perks of working in Boracay. What I'm trying to work on recently is getting my original skin color back, I am seriously missing my fair complexion. A tan is ok but with my every working day catching Mr. Sunshine at 1:00pm even for a couple of minutes, I don't think I can get that skin color back.

Just before boarding the ship to Boracay, I got myself a couple of suncreen with SPF 60 from the city. All the while I thought I'm already sun protected until I met Sun Play SPF 130.

I was surprised when I saw the label SPF 130. I was like: "IS THERE SUCH THING AS SPF 130?!" Apparently, this product from Japan does exist and can be found at Watsons and SM Department Stores or when in Boracay, Budget Mart (D'Mall Mainroad).

A few things that I recently discovered about protecting your skin against the harmful UV Rays of Mr. Sunshine which I'd like to share to everyone:

  •  An umbrella alone is not enough to provide total sun protection. About 34% can still penetrate the umbrella's shade. Apply high SPF sunblock every time you go out to make sure you're 100% protected.

  • Water reflects about 25% of UV rays. That's why it's very important to put sunblock with high spf before hitting the pool or the beach!

  • UV levels increase by 4 percent each 1000 ft in altitude. Put the highest SPF to keep you protected when you're high on the ground.

  • Up to 90% of UV Rays penetrate to clouds making sun protection a must even on cloudy days.

  • 60% of UV Rays occur between 10am to 2pm. Try to stay indoors or under a shade at this time and apply a sunblock with the highest protection against UVA and UVB.

  • Children and babies need greater protection against the sun. Use non-greasy, non-sticky sunblock that is hypoallergenic and won't clog the pores. 

  • Light colored, loose-fittine clothing may help keep you cool but the average t-shirt blocks only 50% of UV radiation. Stay sun protected by putting sunblock with high SPF.

  • Prolonged UVA exposure can cause skin darkening and premature ageing. Make sure your sunblock has high Protection Grade Factor. Sunplay with PA+++ provides 8 times protection against skin darkening.

  • Over exposure to UVB rays can cause sun burn and may lead to skin cancer. To ensure you are protected, use a sunblock with high Sun Protection Factor so you can enjoy the outdoors.

Sunplay with Watery Liquid Technology lets you enjoy the sun without the sticky or greasy feel.

Don't forget to apply and reapply on face and body whenever you go for a swim or start to sweat. ;p Stay sun protected and enjoy the rest of the summer everyone!


Joy with a C.
From the beautiful island of B.