Island Life And Some of My Favorite Places

Hello there! 

I'm really really sorry for inserting this photo because you know, I get this semi-ventricular contractions whenever I get near my crush and suddenly he's here and I'm so excited to a take a photo beside him and I died in one corner palpitating forever~ WHY SOOO HOT DEREK RAMSAY?!

For the past month/s I've been here, I've been going places by myself trying to find my personal spot. I'm quite lucky I get my Saturdays and Sundays off this month. As usual, I bring Cancan along to play with me - we always go on a photo date. Although my unit can't get as much as amazing photos as other DSLRs can (gigantic lenses excuse me please), I still love it and I am always taking care of it just like a real baby. Much as possible, I won't let anyone hold my little baby. Cancan is mine and mine alone.

A few places that have become my favorite recently.

The Spider House - edge of Diniwid Beach, near West Cove

My dear friend Alyssa first took me here last December, one of the coziest places in Boracay.

The water is so clear you can see little fishes swimming back and forth. How I wish I got myself a pair of snorkeling gear just before I went here so I can go snorkeling around the raft. Water is just about 8 to 12 feet deep you can dive from the edge of a small cliff.

I went here a few weeks back and was able to explore the whole resort. Amazingly, I found a few interesting rooms that depicts the island way of living.

No wonder a lot of tourists stay here for weeks - even months! Owner said they are always fully booked on peak and high seasons.

And the food! MMM is the best way to describe their Prawns Massala, delicious is an understatement. I will forever thank Allan and ate Heidi for letting me try this! Thanks guys, you're the sweetest!

 Coffee Bloom - Station Three

I was introduced to this place by Vicky. Most Koreans and Chinese hangout here, while I take advantage of the free wi-fi <inserts evil grin here>.

This place reminds me a bit of Subspace.

I've tried frozen iced tea here in the island thrice but by far, Coffee Bloom has the best - not too sweet and not too fruity. I forgot to add: BRAIN FREEZE!!!

Tiki Bar - Station Three, before Dive Gurus

While in Boracay, I never really went on a night out and ever got myself drunk (not just yet). This will be the place I'd rather stay than over rated clubs or bars. I'm on an island after all, I guess I'm supposed to just chill by the beach and watch the sunset. Cocktail drink is at buy 1 get 1 on a Happy Hour. Hang out with me here please, I love their strawberry mojito. Perhaps we can eat isaw here together. ;p

Congas Bar- Station Three, Angol 

The first time I went here, I was welcomed with good good pure island music. From then on, I kept on coming back. Not only that Congas is super near our apartment (3 cartwheels and a split away -kidding!) but there's something about the environment here that I really really love.

People from different places all over the world gather here just before sunset and they play music altogether. They create a harmonic sound without them realizing, love would probably be their religion. It's just sad that Congas will be moving to a new place but I am hoping not too soon.

More of my island adventures in the next few days, I'd still be going places to find my own spot. Hopefully, somewhere permanent.See you around!


Joy with a C


  1. Beautiful photos! I really enjoyed reading your blog post! Keep it up :)