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Boracay Has A Secret - Part 1 (Hidden Gems Of Boracay)

Boracay has a secret and I'm gonna share it today. If you have been following my instagram, you must have seen the photos I'm just about to showcase (Saying it like pro but no, I am not. I am, just to put emphasis on it, a hobbyist.)

Take it from me - Boracay is not just Boracay. For half a year that I have been living here, it feels like I am somewhere on the other side of the globe. For me it is heaven. While many think Boracay is luxury and a vacation place perfect to spend a holiday, for the residents and locals, this island is a home.

And what's an island life without a home or a place where you can really feel the island vibe, right? I've been to several areas of Boracay and probably you haven't heard of these unique accommodations unless you have read it from Trip Advisor. I bet.

But yeah, I'm gonna share it today hoping one day you'll say you've been here and you got the details from me. Enjoy!

Island Life And Some of My Favorite Places

Hello there! 

I'm really really sorry for inserting this photo because you know, I get this semi-ventricular contractions whenever I get near my crush and suddenly he's here and I'm so excited to a take a photo beside him and I died in one corner palpitating forever~ WHY SOOO HOT DEREK RAMSAY?!

For the past month/s I've been here, I've been going places by myself trying to find my personal spot. I'm quite lucky I get my Saturdays and Sundays off this month. As usual, I bring Cancan along to play with me - we always go on a photo date. Although my unit can't get as much as amazing photos as other DSLRs can (gigantic lenses excuse me please), I still love it and I am always taking care of it just like a real baby. Much as possible, I won't let anyone hold my little baby. Cancan is mine and mine alone.

Island Wandering, As Always

Hola from the isla!

I'm thankful that on my free time, I get to explore the island as if I'm a tourist. Walking around and just talking pictures is what I do every weekend. I haven't tried anything exciting yet. Not just yet.

One of my favorite areas here in the island is the Bulabog beach. Hot men and women with sun-kissed skin and 6-packed abs, yes - there are a lot of them here. But other than that, I love watching how the wind plays with every big kite near the shore and how surfers manage to control them with their very strong force. I've seen them fly, double-flip through the air. I'm telling you they are all amazing. This is the sport I might want to try someday if not that I'm afraid of breaking my bones into pieces.

I go here to eat something healthy too. Green salad. There's something about balsamic vinegar that I'm starting to love. By the way, this salad is not expensive. It may seem pricey but it's not. As I've mentioned previously, living in Boracay is more expensive than living in the city.

Fire dancers are everywhere when the clock strikes seven. Another skills that I might want to try someday if not that I'm afraid of burning my hair to dust.

This is the raft Rica and I braved to swim at the Spider House. I, myself, am not a good swimmer - all I can do is paddle like a dog whenever I touch the salty water. So yes, I'm prone to drowning. But we made it, yeah. Like Thor. Lol.

Ohai there Rica! Congrats on your new achievement! By the way, where's Vicky?

There you are! I'm surely gonna miss sharing beds with you. We've only shared homes for a week but it seemed like a year. Pardon me for being jumpy and noisy all the time. I hope I was able to put a smile on your face a bit though, with my corny jokes. I miss you too, already! The island will surely miss you.

And of course, I met a couple of creatures too.

 These dogs are the sweetest! I've been trying to fill-up my instagram feeds with them. They are just way too cute!

More of my island life in the next posts. I miss you Manila, but life is better in Boracay. ;p

Joy with a C.