First Quarter Of My Island Life

Hello everyone!

A few more days and I'm just about to celebrate my 3rd month living here on the island (hooray!). I've been trying my best to keep up with my blogging duties but it seems that my laptop doesn't want to cooperate. Argh. I really need to get a new one - the kind that can handle the latest version of Photoshop (a CS6 or CS5 maybe) and will allow me to do more artworks for my "supposedly" side job. *sigh* Laptop fail.

Anyway, to give you a summary of my 3 month stay:
  • I arrived last January to finally get an apartment. I was able to stop by the famous Puka Beach.

 The Boracay Puka Beach is about 15-25 mins. from D'Mall riding a tricycle (roughly Php 150.00 for one way ride). You shouldn't miss going here when in Boracay. Clear and CLEAN waters, enough said.

The locals placed a donation box to help maintain the beauty of Puka Beach.

I saw this little girl walking around and I can't help but to take her photo. She's so cute with her twig!

  • For months I've been going around and every time I go to Bulabog Beach, I always take photos of the Kite Surfers.

  • I've celebrated my fake birthday and to my surprise, Shakey's Boracay gave me a free scoop of ice cream with a song and dance number. I'll never fake my birthday again.

  • The search for anything yummy is still on going!

I forgot to include Red Pirates on my favourite places here in Boracay. They have the best tasting Pina Colada here in the island.

There's something about Casa Pilar's Fried Chicken that I really really like.

American Breakfast Set at Microtel Inn Boracay.

This amazing Deli Shop at D'Mall has different kind of cold cuts and wine. Heidiland Deli Shop.

  • The island has been very busy lately and so I am too.  There are a lot of activities that have happened here especially last Holy Week. Camera ready, I am not. I actually missed a lot!

The people here in Boracay are always fun to be with and amazingly game for anything - even with playing Frisbee wearing bikini tops.

  • This other side job that I have which I find rewarding and gave me the opportunity to explore the island more. 

  • And the baby who loved me so much he can't stop laughing whenever he sees my face. Hello Alfred!

  • The other place I consider home.

  • The people I hangout with on my wee hours. :)

  • And finally, my ever supportive roommate.

Everything's just getting awesome and I'm more excited for the next days to come. 

See you again on my personal space, as always!

Joy C.
From the island of B.


  1. Hey, are there new water or land activities in Boracay recently?

    Nice jump shots, by the way. :)

    1. Mermaid swimming lessons is the newest activity here in Boracay. :)

  2. Wow, Boracay is really a nice place to go. Nice shots there.

  3. Although the place is full of tourists, Boracay maintain its beauty because of the white sand beaches and the clear aquamarine waters of the sea which makes vacation more exciting. you can add the souvenir shops and the night life. #wishingtogotheresomeday

  4. Ahh, Boracay is such a beautiful place to live in!

    P.S. Awesome shots!