Iftar Dinner Invitation at Liwan Restaurant (Al Ghurair Rayhaan Rotana)

iftar dinner buffet Rotana

A long overdue post before I hit the road. Oh, hello Dubai and say hello to my friends Tareq, Tamim, and Deanne. We call our mini-family "Ganoush Fambam". These people are the guys I consider my family because it feels like home whenever I am with them. A common thing that keeps us together is food - which I love the most!

So yes, this was previously held on the 23rd of June during Ramadan season. It's the holy month here in UAE where majority of the people are "fasting". I observe fasting too, basically to pay respect to the people and culture of the Arabs.

This is my second year of observing Ramadan and I honestly find it interesting how Arabs religiously observe it. But seeing how families and friends gather together over meal is actually fun. We do it most of the time in the Philippines and what I have observed from both culture is that food is better shared with the company of people you care and love the most. :)

Mama Ganoush and Baby Ganoush
And off to the buffet table we go!

I've been to Liwan once for BBC Goodfood ME Bloggers Master Class and I will say the venue is good for large groups.

They serve a lot of food varieties and is not limited to Arabic cuisines - to my surprise they even have a sushi counter. Now you know what I had for appetizer, ha!

These are just some of the house favorites but mine would be fateh, tabouleh, lamb ouzi and many others I don't know what they are called - sorry!

Here's my plate of happiness:

If you are still in Dubai and is looking for a restaurant to book for a sumptuous Iftar meal, here are some Ramadan exclusive offers at Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana:

Liwan Restaurant at Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana
Located in Deira, Dubai (near Union Metro Station)
Call 04 293 3000 to reserve a seat.