Philippines Day 1 - Home

Woohoo! I flew out of UAE for the second time which means I'm ticking off 2 out of 3 on my list #5 from my bucket list this year!

Day 1 

Flying back to my hometown for the first time in almost 2 years, I have never been this excited. I booked a flight through Cebu Pacific which I got on a very cheap rate (AED1895.42, two way). The flight is not far from PAL's caliber minus the meals as I paid it when I was on board. Then again, on this price I was able to choose a seat (both window seats, yeehaaa) so I guess it was all ok.

Viewing the greens from up high seemed new to me - I almost forgot how big trees looked like! Tell you a secret, I planted one in Boracay Island this year I'm also excited to see how it grows!

This is how Manila looks like from the clouds, almost like small Lego blocks. But the traffic, gaah I hate it way too much!

Let me introduce you all to my family. My mom and my dad are sitting right next to me and my baby brother, elder sister, and lovable aunt are across. This is the first meal I had in the Philippines and I'm glad to have spent it with my family.

We all love eating out and mind you, my dad always find the best "kanto" food in town. Where we had our dinner is not his choice though. It's always good to have this old man around, especially when I get to drink with him my all time favorite local beer. I love you pop! :)

I've been away from my family for quite some time but whenever I am somewhere else, I don't miss them that much. When I arrived home, it sort of sinked in and I realized I actually did missed them a lot.

I don't want to go UBER sentimental but I'm just happy I'm home and I get to kiss and hug everyone in this awesome group of six. They are my family and I won't trade them for anything else in the world.

Until the next post of this trip, ciao! :)