Philippines Day 2 - Friends at the Green Field District

coffee shop in the Philippines

Ohai! This is a continuation of my very short stay in the Philippines. As I have written in my previous post, the first day was spent with my family. I only spent a couple of days in my home country for my cousin's wedding which I have attended on the third day.

Day 2

My ever loving twin was with me the whole day. Back from home, we always find time to have our sister bonding. Yes, we still kiss lips-to-lips like children in front of the public because we are just like that. I'm glad she's in the city when I arrived because...just because! She's every bits of pieces of my happiness. <3

We're similar in some ways - choice of music, food *burp*, coffee, travel etc. I learned photography from her and she'll always be my role model.

Greenfield District Ripe Market at Edsa Shaw

I tried gathering all of my closest friends at Greenfield District, a community very close to where I was renting an apartment when I was still living in the city. It's the most accessible venue for my friends and my best friend who owns Krysvox is also participating at the weekend market (they sell authentic crystals).

In case you want to order, the have bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings, raw and polished crystals available for shipping worldwide. They also have Satori's Chest where you can buys incenses, singing bowls, japa mala, and other earthly things. :)

Food selection. One thing that I surely missed in the Philippines! I tried a few good burgers and noodles which are fairly new in the food industry. This is probably one of the strengths of Pinoy weekend markets - they have a lot of artisanal food available at a very reasonable price. And it's not just yummy, it's healthy!

Even on a rainy season just like the day I went to visit my friends, there's no stopping Filipino community to still go and visit markets like this. It's the crowd that I truly miss

So yeah, meet more of my friends:

Until my next post for my cousin's wedding and the rest of the trip, there's someone I'm very excited to introduce on my blog. Ciao!


Joy C.