Philippines Day 3 - My Cousin's Wedding

Wedding in the Philippines

You wouldn't believe me if I say I've been extremely busy since I came back from my vacation! Hello readers, I'm updating this page and this will be one of my instalment post of the recent vacation I had in the Philippines.

So Day 1 was spent with the family and Day 2 with friends (real besties).  The real reason why I went home is for my cousin's wedding - I've been with the couple for a shoot in Doha and July 28 was their big day. 

church in Nueva Ecija

Weddings In The Philippines

Although they have been married in Dubai, both still had the traditional Filipino wedding in our home country. Believe me, weddings in the Philippines is way so much fun with hundreds of attendees you'd feel so overwhelmed with surprise visitors, haha!

For years that I've been attending to a lot of weddings from my home country, I've noticed that it takes about a year to carefully prepare for it than the ceremony itself (which finishes in less than 1.5hours). 

Wedding humor - you'll never miss it in my home country! Haha!

I actually don't believe on the concept of getting married but I love weddings so much. At the end of the day, you would want to wake up with a loving family around you. I guess that's what matters the most. :)

Here are the rest of the photos, Fianca (my niece) is always a pretty subject to capture.

Wait for my Day 4 post, I ticked off a lot of things in my bucket list that I'm excited to share! ;)


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