Philippines Day 4, 5, and 6 - Boracay Island

Walking down the shores of Boracay Island

Hello Earth! Too busy for the past few weeks and this was the only time I was able to touch my blog. A continuation of the trip I had a month ago, guess where the itchy feet took me? To my island home Boracay! 3days and 2nights yet I have crossed out a few things from my bucket list already!

Cebu Pacific - Cheapest Flights Ever!

How I got here is another story. It was random and unplanned - I was in Manila fixing a few documents for the trip going back to Dubai and was lucky to get it done to catch the last flight to Kalibo (I thought it will take me few more days in the city, whew!).

I booked through Cebu Pacific over the phone and got on the last flight from Manila to Kalibo at 5pm, I forgot the name of the agent but I'd like to thank her for arranging the trip for me. I got a half priced return ticket of what used to be Php 10,000.00 if you'll be flying from Caticlan going back to Manila, ha!

I was on the island at past 9pm, the trip from Kalibo to Caticlan port took ages with only 5 passengers on board. I rode a bus arranged by Southwest Transport.
Boracay, here comes trouble *inserts evil grin here*.
By the time I arrived at the hotel (which is normally arranged by MyBoracayGuide), I was wild HANGRY already. My island besties recommended a newly opened restaurant and geez, I always trust them when it comes to good food.

Los Indios Bravos Boracay

I was badly craving for seafood since I came home and JIZAZ, my friends made the best choice like ever. They took me to Los Indios Bravos and found myself helpless over foodie goodness. We had Beer Battered Chicken Goujons (Crispy Chicken Tenders and Sweet Chili Dip), and Salt and Pepper Beef (Double Cooked US Angus Beef Riblets, Cinnamon Salt, Spiced Vinegar and Steamed Rice) which are both best sellers but what made my night is this:

Seafood Platter at Los Indios Bravos Boracay

Fruits de Mer - all the seafood I was craving for on this plate!!! Prawns, Smoked Salmon, Syster, Tuna Tataki, Smoked Taningue, Baby Octopus and Mussels Preparations of Seafood, Condiments and Sauces OHMYGAD. What made it more yumyum is their selection of alcoholic drinks - a pitcher of Sangria and draft beer samples! Ayos!

Los Indios Bravos Boracay Seafood Platter

And the night didn't end here because we went to Exit Bar right after. It was one of the best places to hangout and meet the island people. Endless dancing (although the music seemed to change a bit based on my experience), cheap booze, need I say more?

cheap booze in Boracay

Since my time is very limited, I had the next day all planned accordingly. Of course I paid my previous company a visit. Probably the happiest office place on earth where you get to work in your bikinis and tank tops.

These are the lovely ladies of MyBoracayGuide talking about human rights and the rights of an island girl.
"Karapatan ng isang babaeng taga-isla ang magkaroon ng matipunong lalake sa kanyang abang buhay."

Had a few walks at the beach front and was surprised to see a lot of changes - new establishments, refurbishing the old ones, etc. I also passed by Red Coconut, they recently removed air conditioned set-up of Red Coco Cafe which is a bit nice if you really want to experience the island atmosphere.

Spider House IS ALWAYS included in my itinerary 

You might have seen this on my previous Boracay posts and this will always be my happy place. Too bad the weather isn't that good, I would've tried swimming to the rafts again. Met a new friend here from Brazil, I hope he's doing ok. :)

Spider House Resort Boracay

"Boracay Bliss" and tree planting at Mandala Spa 

When I was still working in Boracay island, I did a photoshoot in one of the villas at Mandala Spa and Resort Villas. Seeing how beautiful the place is and how promising the Spa services are, I told myself that I'd be back one day, and so I did.

"Boracay Bliss" is something that I will never forget for a spa experience and would like to place it on a separate post. You might say it's a bit pricey for a 3hour treatment but who am I to resist an experience from a spa that spells Eco-Conscious Elegance? A recipient of the ASEAN Green Hotel Award from 2012 to 2014, Mandala Spa & Resort Villas is recognized as the only and very ‘First Eco Spa in Asia Pacific’ as eco-spa certified by TÜV Rheinland for quality service and eco-friendly practices. Mandala Spa & Resort Villas was even nominated Eco-Spa of The Year in 2014 and 2012, and is in the running for this year's AsiaSpa Awards.

And what comes with the treatment is something more precious - I planted a tree for the first time and named it after a dear friend because he reminds me of a mahogany, lol. 

Momo The Mahogany Tree
Say hi to Momo the Tree
Mandala Spa's Treetment Project had a very successful turnout, having planted 12,000 trees to date. Mandala continues to conduct ongoing tree planting activities, dedicated to their valuable spa and resort guests and they are close to reaching their goal of 20,000 trees planted by 2015. You can get involved in this project too when you book any spa services through them! The Spa experience may not last but planting a tree that comes with it will surely serve it's purpose to serve and protect mother nature. 

The rest of Day 2 in Boracay were spent over food and drinks - again. Visited and tried the famous Kasbah of the island serving arabic dishes. Was a bit disappointed though after having been exposed to the flavours of Arabian dishes. Their version of Mutabbal, Baba Ganoush, and Tabouleh is waaay different and tastes very commercial. Glad to have tried these dishes in Dubai with my fambam Ganoushy, hihi.

Had a drinking blast at Exit Bar and Juice Bar - before they finally closed, in preparation of what I planned for my last day on the island.

Yes, I got inked by Yaninks!

Another first time and has always been in my bucket list! It's an Italian word which means "Let's Cross Over", from the book Eat Pray Love. To constantly remind me to try something new and go with all your heart. The heart wants what it wants, right?


Too many first times for 3 days and 2 nights, to summarise it all:
  1. I randomly booked a flight without thinking.
  2. I booked for a spa treatment at Mandala.
  3. I planted and named a tree.
  4. I got myself inked.

And if my posts helped you to explore Boracay Island more, here are a few other information and people you might want to get in touch with in planning your trip to my island home:

  • Cebu Pacific Air - for extremely low fares (call +632-7020-888 to book over the phone)
  • Los Indios Bravos -  or call  +63 36 288 2803
  • MyBoracayGuide - for hotel reservation and activities (
  • Mandala Spa Resort and Villas
  • Spider House Resort - located at Diniwid Beach Station 1
  • Exit Bar Boracay - located at Station 2, right beside Red Coconut Hotel
  • Yaninks Tattoo - located at Station 3, infront of Bamboo Beach Resort, look for Roxanne

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  1. Your photos are making me hungry and wanting to go back to Boracay. Do you find that the island has become too commercialised? Anyway, try this site next time for your hotel so you can compare prices too. Hope that helps.