Philippines Day 7 - Charlie

I'm almost done with my instalment post of the vacation I recently had and I'm pretty sure you will recognise Keij Ejercito on the photo above if you're a reader from the Philippines. One of her post about getting DELAYED in Law School went viral on social media a few weeks back, we are teasing her for being a social media queen. 

And she is! But aside from being an ultimate best friend, she's also the loving owner of a pretty Golden Retriever named Sansa and a breeder of dogs. She loves puppies so much, and she's the reason I have Charlie.

How I Met My Charlie

Charlie The Dog - golden retriever

I met Charlie on Facebook when she posted a photo 2 months back. It was love at first sight so imagine the feeling when I first held him in person - I almost cried!

He was hesitant at first but I knew this puppy likes me when he kissed my face all over while wagging his tail (can't believe I'm crying right now, huhubells). 

I spent two days nursing and walking this cutie. Before I adopted Charlie, I made sure that he gets all his dog needs. I bought him a lot of dog stuffs from SM North Edsa (there's one near the carpark area at the second floor, I forgot what it is called) and I left a note for his eating schedule and vet appointment every month.

Adopting a dog is like adopting a child. They need to feel loved and nurtured so they will remain loyal to you. Believe it or not, I always make an effort to call Charlie even if he does not understand me at all. At the end of the day, it would really be nice to go home to somebody who's willing to meet you up at the door step with a kiss without any hesitation. And that's gonna be my Charlie.

So yeah, another first - adopting a dog. My dad and aunt is currently taking care of him in the province. It's easier to take care of dogs when the surrounding is clean and Charlie can also breathe fresh air.  I can't wait to go back home and see Charlie again. I'm sure we're gonna make lots of memories together despite the distance.