Boracay Bliss Experience at Mandala Spa Boracay

Boracay Bliss Treatment Package

Hey hey hey! Almost 2 months from my short vacation in the Philippines, oh my! One of my favourite part during my holiday was the post I wrote about my trip to Boracay. I guess I never really moved on from being an island girl after all, ha!

Relaxation in Boracay Island

Just literally staring at the shores and watching the waves hit the powdery sands makes me feel like I'm in another world, it is very relaxing. I was a tourist this time and no matter how tight my schedule was, I tried to make the most out of the trip. This includes crossing out one of my long list of  Boracay island must-try: a day spa treatment at Mandala Spa and Villas.

I wouldn't mind spending extra for the treatment package I availed at Mandala - my goal is to relax and experience the 3-hour skin pampering. Working abroad for almost 2 years now, I hardly ever go to spas in Dubai. Not that it's too expensive but their treatment here is so much different from Asian Spas. Scents and massage oils, for example, are something that I'm very picky with.

Sarong Exclusively For Guests

Every treatment package availed at Mandala Spa includes a complimentary sarong. I picked green instead of pink, blue and purple. There might be other colors but I want something that's cool in the eyes. 

Wearing this sarong is mandatory - you need to remove EVERYTHING and keep this piece of cloth on to make sure you experience the restful and relaxing atmosphere of the villas. Are the treatment rooms airconditioned? Yes. But I suggest you request to turn it off as it gets chilly in the afternoon and more chilly if it's drizzling. The whole resort is surrounded by big trees which keeps the area cool, it would be better for you to feel the presence of the nature.

#wheninBoracay, Try Boracay Bliss Treatment Package

The treatment is approximately 3.5 hours which starts with a foot spa. My attendant used a clay pumice which has very soft texture I didn't realise it's exfoliating my skin already. All of their spa materials are made from natural ingredients, even the water was placed in a bamboo container to keep it cool and fresh.

You might be wondering why there are flower petals on this basin, I asked the same. The petals of gumamela and calachuchi are known to have natural oils which are good for the skin but my attendant said it's for aesthetic purposes only (bright lady she is!).

In between the foot spa, she asked me to choose which oil will be used on my Mandala Signature Massage. They have 4 options from the aromatic blended oils which all smelled really nice and calming but I picked the relaxing oil.

With Boracay Bliss, you get to choose from 4 wraps: Mandi Lulur, Boracay Salt Glow Scrub, Cool Cucumber Aloe Wrap, or Papaya Pineapple Body Polish wrap. I love the scents of herbs and I'm sooo in love with any kind of turmeric treatments. And since my attendant recommended it as well, I opted for Mandi Lulur which happened to be one of their highly recommended treatments.

I wasn't able to take photos of how it was performed (unfortunately I don't have anyone who can take the photos for me) but here are the things I clearly remembered:

  •  I laid my back on the treatment bed with banana leaves (felt like "suman" though) and my whole body was scrubbed with scents of herbs and spices. It was so good I almost wanted to tell the attendant not to stop. Afterwards, she gently splashed a warm liquid on my body which I cannot recognize as oil or yoghurt but damn that was even more soothing than the scrub! It felt really really nice that it seems like my skin was under a spell.
  • After maybe 30mins or so, I was asked to wash my entire body on a warm bath. I wanted to stay on the treatment bed longer but a beautiful hot tub is waiting for me so I moved on. I washed my body with Mandala's special organic shampoo and body wash (they all smell relaxing) and dived into a hot tub decorated with gumamela and calachuchi flowers. I stayed for a few minutes, I have a tall glass of iced tea on the side it made me feel more like a queen.
  • Another 30mins or longer, I was back on the treatment bed for the Mandala Signature Massage. Long strokes and gentle stretches were used, I was in a state of complete relaxation. Later on, my face experienced the All Natural Facial which also uses natural ingredients like cucumber, seaweed, and others. Scents of chamomile and lavender were all over my face.  

And the experience didn't end there. After the treatment, they asked me to choose a tree of which I can name. I mentioned it on my previous post already.

The tree was a part of the Treetment Project where guests get a tree to plant for every spa treatment availed at Mandala Spa and Resort Villas.

Overall, it was a really nice experience. When I come back to Boracay, I swear I'm gonna try another treatment that will make me feel like a princess!