What I Wore At Cosmo Awards 2016

Black mesh hem plunge dress and glitter heels and clutch from River Island

I'm not used to dressing up like this. If not for the Cosmo Awards, I would've been in my usual jeans and loose top on weekdays and comfy denim shorts on weekends. But I'm getting a lot of messages lately asking me where I got the full ensemble so I guess it is just reasonable to share it here, yes?

The Eid holidays got me all the spare time to hunt for that perfect LBD, I have a mood board in my mind that I carry with me all the time *winkwink*. And like I said on some outfit posts, finding my size is really hard for me because I'm somewhere in between S or XS. To be honest, I almost gambled my way to the children's section of H&M because nothing fits huhu. I searched, from Dubai Mall, Deira City Centre, even Dragon Mart for Christ's sake! I found my ideal night cocktail dress at Mall of the Emirates - the full ensemble from River Island.

This black mesh hem plunge dress was hidden in one corner when my room mate found it while I was trying to fit in a pink wrap bardot dress. It was a perfect fit, what I particularly loved about it is the V plunging neckline in front (good enough to show the sexy parts, if there's any) but not overly revealing and the asymmetric hem on the side that almost resemble a cape (SLAY). It's on limited edition collection though, I guess it won't be available for long now.

What made the ensemble more striking is the pair of glitter heels and clutch. Geez, it was actually the last pair and I got mine from the shelf! It might have been a complete disaster if there isn't any stock so huge thanks to the VMs in the store who offered their help in finding the best fit for me *with massive bear e-hugs*.  River Island just opened another store at JBR recently so I guess there's gonna be another go-to shop for me this time.

Who did my make up? One of my roomies! My eye shadow is a mix of Bodyshop and The Face Shop shades, lip stick from MAC (Ruby Woo is my all time favourite shade of red).  Others I don't even remember anymore because like I said, I don't do this regularly. Haha!

I was able to take a few outtakes before I headed to the awards night so here are the ones I took myself (yes, photographer and *trying-to-be* model in one) using my usual unit and a remote timer. What do you think, does it pass fashion blogger standards?  ( #punintended , don't take it seriously!)

Tip: If you are using a Canon unit (700D or 70D), the Creative Auto function (Soft) comes in handy for self-portraits. Adjust the settings according to how you'd like it to be and remove the flash. Great with natural light and best processed on Lightroom.