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What I Wore At Cosmo Awards 2016

Black mesh hem plunge dress and glitter heels and clutch from River Island

I'm not used to dressing up like this. If not for the Cosmo Awards, I would've been in my usual jeans and loose top on weekdays and comfy denim shorts on weekends. But I'm getting a lot of messages lately asking me where I got the full ensemble so I guess it is just reasonable to share it here, yes?

Dear Friends, I Won!

I'm wearing a full wardrobe from River Island ME (thanks to Style Choreo for styling), make-up by one of my roommates

Quick and short, THANK YOU FOR ALL THOSE WHO VOTED! <3 It's been almost a week and I still can't get over that magical night! I sure got the support of the Filipino community, no doubt. They worked so hard in sharing this to their friends and family so I'm offering this award to you guys! Salamat po ng maraming marami!

I'm not really sure what's in store for me next, but here's what I can promise: I will do EVERYTHING to give you guys the best photos I can ever produce from now until forever. 

And do one thing for yourself too: continue dreaming and make those dreams come true! DO NOT WAIT FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN. Make them happen! Because I, for one, am a dreamer. And it takes a whole lot of effort and hard work for you to get there. Study your field, fail, and improve. Reach out to publications, if you can, even reach out to companies that share the same wisdom as you have.  

Paulo Coelho once said, if you really want something, the whole world will conspire with you for you to achieve it. :) 

Thanks again Cosmopolitan Magazine for the wonderful opportunity, this by far is the best I ever had!

I'm A Cosmo Awards Finalist For Best Use Of Photography!

Best Use Of Photography for Cosmo Awards Middle East

Yes, you've heard that right! I've been nominated for Cosmopolitan Magazine Middle East for Best Use Of Photography category, YAY!

After receiving my certification for Google Street View Trusted, this blessing came in and I'm still on cloud 9 since last month. It's something unexpected really, as there are millions of very talented women here in the region who deserve it more than I do. But perhaps they (the judges) saw something in this blog that makes me unique and I'm humbled for the nomination.

I'm trying not to make this post long and I hope you guys can support me on this journey. I know it's cliche but like I said on my IG post, I even doubted my capabilities when I saw the list on the magazine. I'm not worthy of note, I don't have any numbers to show, and even my IG feed is a mudge pudge of things from my daily life. Never have I imagined that I will receive such nomination and be one of the finalists.

I offer this nomination to my readers who believed in my craft and to my friends and family who are also campaigning for the votes in PH. This is also for the Filipino community - even people abroad appreciate the simple things we do and it only goes to show that our photography is undeniably great. We are all breeds of creative people and be proud of where you came from despite the criticisms. Use them to improve your artwork, continue dreaming, and just create.

I can write a few more hundred words to thank Cosmopolitan Middle East for the opportunity but then again, the space won't be enough. I hope you can support me along with the other amazing ladies who you think are worth your votes for the prestigious awards dedicated for the amazing women shaping the region. You can cast your votes on Cosmopolitan ME and click the tab for Cosmo Awards. Do share them with your friends and follow Cosmopolitan Magazine on their Instagram and Facebook!