Up Close With #TeamCanon at Xposure Sharjah

Xposure International Photography Festival event photo

Earlier last week, Jason and I paid Canon Middle East's stand a visit at Xposure Sharjah. For those of you who have been asking, my main tools of trade for any of my photography gigs are Canon 70D or 700D. I actually did a little 360 stunt at the Expo Center  and just in case you missed it, I have placed them on Google Maps (it already has 2k views since last Thursday)!

They had an awesome  ‘Projection Experience Zone’ where they used a convergence of two projectors in order to harmonise single animation content. A lot of visitors were also able to try the newest addition to their DSLR family- the 5D Mark IV with it's In-Built Fame grab, Dual Pixel AF function in video from the 5D legacy.

What hyped me though is the EOS 1Dx MKII , fastest camera in the world (at 16 frames per second on live view mode) and they performed a demo of it's capabilities in the Action Photography in a Studio Lighting set-up. So amazing, I wonder what it can do on a natural light setting? Maybe even better. It captures the tiniest details and freeze the movement of a hair strand!

They also showcased 16 best photos by top photographers in the region in the field of street photography, portraiture, wildlife and fashion. The images were auctioned to the public and the proceeds went to charity so just in case you get across print images from Canon on sale, make sure you buy because the money that you spend will go for a better cause. :)

Here are some of the photos, we also passed by a couple of galleries at Xposure and I got my unit cleaned too as they are offering it for free! Make sure to follow our dear friends at Canon on Instagram, they have amazing photos from users and the Canon community!

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We were invited to visit Xposure Sharjah at the Canon stand, photos and opinion are my own.