HELP NEEDED - Participate On The #LocalGuidesChallenge For Dubai!

Google local guides Dubai community

You have seen me post this photo on Instagram and in case you have missed it, the Instagram Community in Dubai will be having an Instameet on Oct. 22 (Saturday) for #LocalGuidesDubai!

I have closed the registration in less than 48 hours as we have received a lot of responses BUT you too can still participate on the challenge in case you weren't able to sign-up  AND WE NEED YOU TO DO IT FOR DUBAI, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!


Well, earlier this month Local Guides Challenge 2016 from Google kicked off and is inviting different cities in the world to participate. You can read more about the challenge on the official page right here.

For the past 2 weeks, the cities that are contributing the most photos and reviews are:

Week 1 

Week 2

Week 3


We have the best places to showcase on Google maps (I'm a resident for 3 years now, I won't deny that!) - from the highest and the tallest  building to most innovative places you can ever think of. Add up the different nationalities and international award winning INSTAGRAMMERS and photographers we have in this multi-cultural community - help our city make it to top 5!

All you have to do is...become a tour guide of your own city - BE A LOCAL GUIDE!

Go to this link to sign up: , easier when you already have a  Google account and start contributing photos and reviews on Google Maps.

You can access you contributions on Google maps app on your phone similar to this photo right here:

By doing so, you are not just helping Dubai be seen on Google Maps but you are helping first time visitors to get to know our city better. You are helping improve the city's tourism too!

What is your favourite coffee shop in Dubai Mall? Where is the best place to watch the beautiful sunset? Where do you think you can get the best priced bracelet in Gold Souq? Which park is the favourite hangout place of your whole family? Which part of Old Dubai do you think is the best place to take your cousins who just arrived from Canada? Where do you think people can find the best tasting shawarma or mhandi along Jumeirah Road?

The more photos and reviews of different places you put on Google Maps, the more points  we give to get Dubai on the leader board!

All Local Guides can enter the challenge. Simply create a review (rate a place, be informative and insightful, keep it real, and write in style) and upload photos that follow Google's terms and policies on Google Maps. As simple as that and these counts as points for you too!

So be with us on Saturday in placing Dubai on maps! Wherever you are in Dubai, you can participate in case you can't make it on the Instameet. Make sure to follow my Instatories (@joycaasi) for Saturday's meet for you to know our whereabouts, we have a few guests coming in as well! 

Give our city some loving, share us your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use hashtags #LocalGuides , #LocalGuidesDubai, #LocalGuidesChallenge, and of course #myDubai. 

Rally for our city, rally for Dubai!

Photo credits to @igersdubai , a community of Instagrammers based in Dubai, UAE