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#LocalGuidesChallenge October Results Are Out!

Hello hello! Finally, the results of the Google Local Guides Challenge is already out! You will see the top 6 above (yes, a sixth city was able to make it to the top list), without our home city Dubai sadly.But actually, that's ok! I haven't really shared the awesome experience I had with 70 plus people who attended the meet, have I not? So here it is!

HELP NEEDED - Participate On The #LocalGuidesChallenge For Dubai!

Google local guides Dubai community

You have seen me post this photo on Instagram and in case you have missed it, the Instagram Community in Dubai will be having an Instameet on Oct. 22 (Saturday) for #LocalGuidesDubai!

I have closed the registration in less than 48 hours as we have received a lot of responses BUT you too can still participate on the challenge in case you weren't able to sign-up  AND WE NEED YOU TO DO IT FOR DUBAI, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!