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Food Trip: I saw ISAW. :)

There's something about UP Diliman that makes it a very special place to me.

It's where I've spent most of my days during high school - we did a video shoot  for a project in Filipino III (MTV for Someday We'll Know by Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman) at the Forest Lagoon in the midst of the "A Walk To Remember" days and finished a research project that won 3rd place in our annual Science Investigatory Project at QCSHS.

It's where I was embarrassed for answering a phone call on a live concert,  addressing the caller by somebody else's name and getting my very first red rose afterwards. That was Valentines day and I felt like a princess. :)

Unfortunately, it's also where I visited the UP Fair a couple of times but never really had the chance to get inside the concert grounds, not even close the carnival area. The view outside seems to be more fantastic, I don't know. I always end up going somewhere else.

Despite and in spite all these, I still keep coming back to UPD.Why?

"Mang Larry's Isawan"
ISAW. Yes, grilled animal intestines of either chicken or pork. :D

The isawan area at UPD is famous for their super affordable isaw, my bestfriend Jane knows it. There are a couple of stalls that sells isaw but nothing beats Mang Larry's sawsawan (dips). It is located along E. Ma. Guerrero St., near Parish of the Holy Sacrifice.  Prices ranges from Php 3.00 - 15.00 only. Weekenders go here and would normally buy 10-30 sticks of "isaw" for take-out. Whenever I pay a visit, I would always see somebody I know - an old acquaintance, some school mates or a batch mate, or close friends.

That's me isaw hoarding. Haha. (Photo by Kaye Agron)

Kelan kaya ang balik ko dito? :)

Cheap Thrill Favorites - Siopao and Cream Puff ;)

7'11 Gulp and Siopao Bolabola | Mister Donut Square Whatever (I still think it's cream puff)

Random Fact about me: I have a big appetite for food. Beware.

(My week will never be complete without my cheap thrills.) ;p

Subspace makes me feel like I've visited the outer space :)

My college friends and I went to this newly opened coffee house in Ortigas last Friday (Sept30):

Subspace , along Emerald Avenue (F. Ortigas Jr. Rd) in Ortigas Pasig

I won't be talking much about their coffee 'cause I just tried one. Their best sellers are Peanut Butter Latte and Purple Potato Latte, I ordered the first.They also have a variety of cakes, some of which I still can't name because like what I've mentioned, I just tried one of their drinks. Anyhoo, here are the photos that Kim and I took last Friday:


Paupi and Kimi

Neo, Kimi and Paupi

This alien (robot actually) seriously winked at me when I took this shot. Isn't it cute? :)

Yummy cakes and pastries of  Subspace

If you're looking for a place to just simply hang-out and chill, this would be a highly recommended place within Ortigas. Visit their Facebook Fanpage and experience outer space.

Subspace is located at Unit 103 GF Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
Telephone number is 655-7077.

Fine Dining on Sale - Uncle Cheffy's Brick-Oven Global Cuisine

People who knew me very well knows that I have good taste with food *wink*, this is something that I'm really proud of.

They say that I eat like a construction worker, I can eat 4-5 meals  in a day and still feel hungry afterwards. Something's really wrong with my metabolism.

Anyway, trying out new dining places in town is just one of my hobbies. I blog what I eat. And just recently when we had our payday, I asked my office colleague to join me on a dinner. Nope it's not a date, I just like bringing somebody with me to eat a sumptuous meal. I find it very very lonely sitting in one corner of a restaurant on a rainy night, if you know what I mean.

Mitch and I went to Uncle Cheffy's Brick Oven Global Cuisine, it's a newly opened fine dining restaurant along Ruby Road in Ortigas Pasig. How did we get there? We work in Ortigas area and luckily, that night when I was craving for something mouth watering, somebody came right in front of us and gave a piece of flyer that says 50% OFF on food items. Bingo, just in time for a hungry tummy.

What we ordered:

Baked Oysters for Appetizer

Food Review - Poco Deli Delight

One of the must visit hole-in-the-wall finds in Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig: Poco Deli (The Little Deli Cafe)

Stella Artois - my newly found comfort beer

Poco Deli Wines

Yummy 3 Kinds of Sausages

Cold cuts area

My favorite Poco Deli Food :)

What they serve: 
Comfort Foods that includes the following:
Bacon Steak w/ eggs & bacon rice
Gourmet Tapa w/ eggs & bacon rice

Jamon de Oro w/ eggs & bacon rice
German Sausage w/eggs & bacon rice
Italian Sausage w/eggs & bacon rice
Spanish Callos w/ bacon rice                
Irish Beef Stew w/ bacon rice
Pot Roast w/ bacon rice
Pumpkin Soup
Asparagus Soup

Deli Sandwiches like:

US Sliced Steaks Sandwich
Jamon de Oro
Prosciutto w/ Mozarella Cheese
Smoked Kielbasa Sausage
German Nuernberger Sausage
Turkey Ham
Cassava Chips

Pizza and Pasta:

Italian Sausage Pizza
Quattro Carne Pizza
Prosciutto Pizza
Spanish Chorizo Pizza
Quattro Formaggi Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Shrimp & Garlic Pizza
Bolognese Pasta
Italian Sausage Pasta
Aglio Olio Pasta
Pomodoro Pasta
Pesto Pasta

BlackOut Chocolate Cake

Carrot Cake
Red/Vanilla Velvet Cupcakes

Spending per head is approximately php 200 and up (doesn't include drinks), a little pricey but all worth it!

Store Location: 21 East Capitol Drive (United Avenune) Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City
Telephone: +632477.4332
Mobile: +632922.8929211 or +6329178811237
Email: or

Food Review - Cab Cafe

I've been quite busy for a couple of weeks now, work is so much fun I haven't had the time to visit my food blog and all of my online sites (I'm a certified online bug). Recruitment is super fun less the stress but my office mates (especially the HR team) made it a whole lot easier for me to survive Human Resources.

Good thing my super bff Kaye  visited me last Saturday (June 11, 2011), we were able to visit one of the most fabulous Cafe's in Kapitolyo: Cab Cafe.

Cab Cafe - Kapitolyo, Pasig City
They serve good tasting Coffee, Cake, Pastries, Pizza, and Pasta.

Better than Starbucks' Caramel Frappe, Cab Cafe's Tiramisu Frappos is really a must order beverage if you are a big time frappucino fan. Their Mocha Frappos is also good but I like Tiramisu better. tongue

I don't have an actual photo of their pastry selection but rest assured that it also tastes good. Try ordering the strawberry muffin and you'll feel like you're already in heaven!

This is where they store their muffins. :)

Pasta selection? Uhm, so-so. 

And of course, my UBER favorite Pizza Flavor from Cab Cafe - Onion's and Olives!

              Cab Cafe's Onion and Olives Pizza

Mouth watering and heart melting thin crust Pizza. And this can't be eaten without this:

Tabasco Hot Pepper Sauce

Haha! So much of the teasing, visit this place and you'll see what I mean.

              Happy eating! :)

Cab Cafe is located at #18 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City. (02) 4775382
Recommended Dish(es):Onion and Olives Pizza, Tiramisu Frappos, Strawberry Muffin, Sausage Platter

Date of Visit:2011-6-11
Spending: Approximately PHP  90 - 300 (Night Snack)

Food Trip: Puerto Galera Must Eat!


First of all, I would like to immediately say sorry for not updating my blog from time to time - I've been busy with work lately. I'm enjoying the company of my new work buddies and my boss - from the endless photo booth sessions down to the serious things.

If you've been following my blogs before (Tumblr or Plurk or any of my booboo blogs), you'll be updated with my hourly mood or what-nots. But yeah, I grew tired of them I guess. Or maybe I just got tired of writing love stories. No one will appreciate and nobody will read it anyway. And there's a lot of stories in the world wide web, mine's not interesting. Haha. I'm sorta kinda bitter about it but that's life. *sigh*

In one way or another we all have to move on and forget about how happy things used to be (sweet talks, laugh out louds, photos, date nights - *cries in one corner reminiscing*). Looking on the bright side though, knowing yourself and loving your individuality makes you unique. As Gondo Girls puts it, "Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls."

Anyhoo, March 15, 2011 is one of the bench marks of my independence. I was able to travel alone to a place where I don't know anyone or anything - I'm a stranger. But of course, thanks to my friends who went to the destination one day ahead of me.

Puerto Galera in Mindoro is one of the hottest and coolest summer spots in the Philippines. You'll love the beach, you'll love the people, and of course you'll love the FOOD! 

What to eat for breakfast:

Philippine's famous SILOGs.

What to eat for lunch:

Galera's Kebab and side dishes
From L-R: Gani (white shirt), Me, Kaye(floral shirt), and Alyssa (black bikini top)

What to eat for meryenda or random stomach rumblings:

Shawarma is all over Galera!
What to have for afternoon delights:

Fruit shakes. (mmm)
Enjoying my strawberry shake under the summer sun! :)

What to eat at dinner time:

Grilled seafood is the best for dinner! Plus sisig and appetizer, SOLVE!
What to drink at night, during party party hours:

Various NOMNOMNOM selections.
Galera Blue - I wonder why it's green. (thinking)
Galera Blue after effects :)
Seriously, if you'll ask me about my total spending for this trip, it only cost me less than php2000.00. Thrifty? But of course!

So there ends my entry for today. My next stop - to the North and back!

"If you really wanna go with me, all you have to do is ask and say please. "

Better than pearl coolers. :)

The heat of the friendly summer sun is at it's hottest lately, even at night.

Biggie and I went for a walk after our sumptuous (well, not really) meal at Old Chinatown Kopitiam located along the streets of Banawe, we are actually looking for a coffee house where we could possibly grab some desserts.

We ended up at Serenitea.
When we got there, I noticed something odd especially at the cashier area. Never was a time that they had no customers in line - they are always on queuing! Yes, the place is small yet a lot of cars are parked outside the store. Their customers are mostly Chinese.

I ordered Strawberry Tofi Coffee because I'm really fond of strawberry flavored drinks. I really can't describe the way it taste but all I know is that it's better than pearl coolers. smile

Serenitea is located along Banawe Street in Quezon City.
Spending is approximately at 100 per head. :)
Must order: Chips and Strawberry Tofi Coffee