Fine Dining on Sale - Uncle Cheffy's Brick-Oven Global Cuisine

People who knew me very well knows that I have good taste with food *wink*, this is something that I'm really proud of.

They say that I eat like a construction worker, I can eat 4-5 meals  in a day and still feel hungry afterwards. Something's really wrong with my metabolism.

Anyway, trying out new dining places in town is just one of my hobbies. I blog what I eat. And just recently when we had our payday, I asked my office colleague to join me on a dinner. Nope it's not a date, I just like bringing somebody with me to eat a sumptuous meal. I find it very very lonely sitting in one corner of a restaurant on a rainy night, if you know what I mean.

Mitch and I went to Uncle Cheffy's Brick Oven Global Cuisine, it's a newly opened fine dining restaurant along Ruby Road in Ortigas Pasig. How did we get there? We work in Ortigas area and luckily, that night when I was craving for something mouth watering, somebody came right in front of us and gave a piece of flyer that says 50% OFF on food items. Bingo, just in time for a hungry tummy.

What we ordered:

Baked Oysters for Appetizer

Memphis Barbeque US Beef Ribs

Though Uncle Cheffy is famous for their Brick Oven Paniza, we ordered one of their best-sellers: Memphis Barbeque US Beef Ribs. It is served with mint, tomato, and salsa sauce with baked potatoes and lettuce on the side.

My officemate Mitch can't help but act like this upon the arrival of our order

We have also tried other dishes on their menu like their Tom Yung Sinigang, the 8 pieces of Chicken in "I-forgot-what-its-called" sauce, Deep fried PlaplaAsian Fried Rice, etc 2days after our first visit, and everything else tastes good too.We were able to bring other recruits like our superiors because the price for their fine dining is quite reasonable and cheap (remember it's on a 50% discount).

Compared with TGI Fridays (both restaurants serve approximately equal servings of food), Uncle Cheffy's Market price is way cheaper and more affordable.  One order of Memphis Barbeque US Beef Ribs can serve 4-6 people and only cost pHp 595 while 12 pieces of Baked Oysters is only pHp 295. I'm actually planning to set a dinner date with my family when my Tita arrives from Dubai, they'll surely gonna love it there.

So honestly speaking, I went to Uncle Cheffy's for 3 straight days - taking advantage of their 50% Discount on their main course and family servings and guess what? Whenever me or my colleagues finishes off with all the dishes served on our plates, we always leave the table like this:

Photo courtesy of Nishi Perez, another officemate

 Hungry now?

Visit Uncle Cheffy's Brick-oven Global Cuisine at 2nd Floor Wynsum Corporate Plaza, Ruby Rd Ortigas Center Pasig City. They are accepting catering services. get in touch with them by dialing (02) 6966958 or text 0216951936 and look for their Store Manager (Jonah Beth Boron).