Food Trip: Puerto Galera Must Eat!


First of all, I would like to immediately say sorry for not updating my blog from time to time - I've been busy with work lately. I'm enjoying the company of my new work buddies and my boss - from the endless photo booth sessions down to the serious things.

If you've been following my blogs before (Tumblr or Plurk or any of my booboo blogs), you'll be updated with my hourly mood or what-nots. But yeah, I grew tired of them I guess. Or maybe I just got tired of writing love stories. No one will appreciate and nobody will read it anyway. And there's a lot of stories in the world wide web, mine's not interesting. Haha. I'm sorta kinda bitter about it but that's life. *sigh*

In one way or another we all have to move on and forget about how happy things used to be (sweet talks, laugh out louds, photos, date nights - *cries in one corner reminiscing*). Looking on the bright side though, knowing yourself and loving your individuality makes you unique. As Gondo Girls puts it, "Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls."

Anyhoo, March 15, 2011 is one of the bench marks of my independence. I was able to travel alone to a place where I don't know anyone or anything - I'm a stranger. But of course, thanks to my friends who went to the destination one day ahead of me.

Puerto Galera in Mindoro is one of the hottest and coolest summer spots in the Philippines. You'll love the beach, you'll love the people, and of course you'll love the FOOD! 

What to eat for breakfast:

Philippine's famous SILOGs.

What to eat for lunch:

Galera's Kebab and side dishes
From L-R: Gani (white shirt), Me, Kaye(floral shirt), and Alyssa (black bikini top)

What to eat for meryenda or random stomach rumblings:

Shawarma is all over Galera!
What to have for afternoon delights:

Fruit shakes. (mmm)
Enjoying my strawberry shake under the summer sun! :)

What to eat at dinner time:

Grilled seafood is the best for dinner! Plus sisig and appetizer, SOLVE!
What to drink at night, during party party hours:

Various NOMNOMNOM selections.
Galera Blue - I wonder why it's green. (thinking)
Galera Blue after effects :)
Seriously, if you'll ask me about my total spending for this trip, it only cost me less than php2000.00. Thrifty? But of course!

So there ends my entry for today. My next stop - to the North and back!

"If you really wanna go with me, all you have to do is ask and say please. "

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  1. Hi Jhoysi! I was wondering if you could help me out sort on how to budget for my puerto trip this coming week. I was totally surprised you managed to budget your expenses, wondering if I could ask for an itinerary of this trip, thank you! :)