Everything That Went Down at the Dubai Marina Street Festival

dubai marina street festival photo
Dubai Marina Street Festival 2018 near the Dubai Marina Mall
Did you say free entertainment for the weekend? Then this post is for you! As you know, the 8th annual Dubai Marina Street Festival once again kicked off last March 15 and every afternoon until the 24th, there are different performances happening across 9 pitches along the strip of Dubai Marina Walk.

#DMStreetFest Show Schedule

The shows usually start between 3:15pm until 10:30pm depending on the date. During the weekdays, shows start at 5:30pm to give way for those who work and students who go to school - yes, the show is free for all ages! Weekend show starts earlier.

For the full list of events, check out the Dubai Marina Street Festival schedule.

Acts I Personally Loved (Updated March 25)

There were about 500 shows throughout the week and here we share our personal favorites. We were able to watch these acts closely and enjoyed their shows because they are hilariously entertaining and their jokes are funny:

  • Katie Wright  from Australia
  • Felicity from UK
  • Face To Face from Brazil
  • Fire Breathing Show from Poland
  • Limited Edition from Canada
  • Steve Good Time from Canada
  • Groovy Guy from U

Behind-the-scenes of Dubai Marina Street Festival

I went during the weekends and I was amazed not only with the performers but also with the crowd. How often do you see street theatre and get the audience to be involved in the act?

Every show I watched from Pitch 1 to 9, the actors always end it with a huge thank you with the audience because as how they put it, 'The most important part of the play is you."

Here's a round-up of the photos I captured over the weekend, I hope to you see you around during the next weekend too!

Weekend 1 Photos

Weekend 2 Photos

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