Preview: Rome During Winter - A Photo Series

Rome winter photo

Rome, Italy. Who would have thought I will be going this far? I won a photo competition via #gemsofitalia on Instagram and it took me a year to finally decide when I will be claiming my pair of tickets. Yes, a trip for two for me and the baby (our first trip out of the country together too!).

Although most people advised for me to take the trip in summer, we set foot to the mother land of pizza and pasta in mid- January. Why? It is during the winter season when the streets of Rome are not too crowded, we simply want to enjoy the city to our selves which obviously is not possible because it is another tourist destination after all.

So I Googled: 'photos of Rome during winter' in November and found the photo ideas that I was looking for. Empty streets along Trastevere Neighborhood. Domes. The Vatican. The Aventine Keyhole. A wall shot near the Colosseo. Piazzas. There's just too many.

Too bad we weren't able to experience snowfall in Rome - it would've been amazing. But alas, below photos weren't published on my Instagram yet so get yourself ready with some eye catching images.

This is just a preview of what's coming in the next couple of posts, so sit back, relax, and wait for it!

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I won this all expense paid trip in January 2018, sponsored  by Peroni Nastro Azurro. Photos are (c) TheThriftTrip Blog unless otherwise stated, opinion are my own.


  1. Hello Joy, I love your photos! Can you also share the camera you use for photography ☺️ Thanks!