Up Close With Acer Swift 3 Laptop

Before anything else, I'd like to extend my apologies for posting this late - I got distracted with Game Of Thrones Season 7! Sorry guys, I guess I multi-tasked a little too much today: uploaded a few photos on my Google Drive so I can access it on my Acer Swift 3 laptop, post processing photos via Lightroom, chatting on Skype at the same time AND streaming online! I was just blessed that this laptop didn't gave up on me while doing these things all at once!

All those I have mentioned were just a few of the many features of the Acer Swift 3, that's why I considered this as a blessing when this new laptop arrived in my office (yay to delivery!). 

I'm a lifestyle blogger and an influencer of some sort.  Other than this part-time gig, I have a full-time day job in the aviation industry so my everyday life is sort of...how did one of my giveaway participants called it? Swift paced.

a perfect laptop would be the one that fits its purpose🎯. My SWIFT-paced world requires a SWIFT-paced lightweight laptop with the combination of speed🏎️, user-friendliness🤗 and power that lasts⏲️, all in one device. A smart and luxurious slim design is a plus 🤓

 Congrats @daddylonglegsmd, you get to own one of the Acer Swift 3 Laptops!

We all have our daily roles and at some point, we have to shift and swiftly move to a different duty. This device is offering something similar so you can maximize your time and perform other tasks.

  1. Lightweight. All of Acer's Swift series are lightweight, Swift 3 weighing only 1.5kg and as thin as 17.95 mm (thinner than a 100 page note book) . When you are trying to finish a presentation and have to suddenly rush to a meeting, just close it and carry it in one hand!
  2. Long battery life. It offers up to 12hours of battery life when fully charged - that's 12 episodes of Game Of Thrones if you plan to do a tv series marathon!
  3. The screen is 14in HD display with anti-glare! Simply put, it really is great for streaming movies and TV series!
  4. Can either have 6th or 7th Generation Intel Core processors, a fast 512GB SSD, up to 8GB memory and 2x2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac wireless technology for fast and reliable internet connections. Downloading is a breeze~
  5. It has a USB 3.1 Type-C port. This means data transfer from another device, connecting to an external display, and charging the notebook is as swift as you can imagine.
  6. It has an optional backlit keyboard paired with a large 72mm touchpad. Yes, like a Mac. But this one's an Acer Swift. ;)
  7. Oh, and you can lock this computer just like what an iPhone can do.The built-in fingerprint scanner located at the upper right hand corner of the palm rest works in conjunction with Windows Hello for enhanced security. It takes less than one second from scanning a fingertip to accessing the desktop.  

So many features, too little size - all you can find in just one device! This surely fits my blogging lifestyle that's why I'm carrying this wherever I go, it's my perfect find. 

How about you, what  are your requirements in finding the perfect laptop?

PS: Congratulations to the winner (you will receive a message from me shortly) and to those who joined, many thanks for the support! I will try to get you more competition so stay tuned and don't forget to turn on post notifications on my IG account!

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This is a collaboration project with @AcerMiddleEast for a competition I hosted on Instagram. Opinion and photos are my own.