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Up Close With Acer Swift 3 Laptop

Before anything else, I'd like to extend my apologies for posting this late - I got distracted with Game Of Thrones Season 7! Sorry guys, I guess I multi-tasked a little too much today: uploaded a few photos on my Google Drive so I can access it on my Acer Swift 3 laptop, post processing photos via Lightroom, chatting on Skype at the same time AND streaming online! I was just blessed that this laptop didn't gave up on me while doing these things all at once!

USB Under The Sea (Transcend JetFlash T3S Review)

My line of work involves the internet and computers. Similarly, file transfer is always present. We are starting to use a cloud based technology in our company to have majority of our files accessible at any place any time of the day for our own convenience specially if there are work loads that has to be done outside the office place - like a meeting in a dive resort or something.

Truth be told,  technology fail sometimes (specially when you need it the most!). Internet availability on product presentations, power interruption in the middle of the meeting, wifi connection fails, a sudden need to print something, blahblahblah and the list goes on. You have nothing else to do but to switch to another plan - not unless you only have A,B, and C and forgot to fill-out the rest of the letters of the alphabet.

So where exactly am I going at? File transfers, internet, or computers? Haha!  ;)

Teeny Tiny Metallic USB
My newest USB Flashdrive

Tech Talk Tuesday - The 3rd iPad3 Unit in the Philippines

This would be my second entry for Jenson Taylor's 7 Day Blog Challenge, geez I'm sort of getting hyped and surprisingly found myself writing again - without hesitations. ;p

The rules are simple.Each blog post topic must share the first letter as the day of the post. E.g. "Technology Tuesday", "Martial Arts Monday", "Follow Friday", "French Friday" etc.We are free to pick any topic we'd like to write or post about. There is no requirements on the length of the post so it could a blog post or could be a single photo. It started yesterday: Monday 19th March 2012 and will end on Sunday 25th March 2012 so all in all,  we need to come up with 7 posts! Whew!

And what I have for Tuesday? Tech Talk.

To tell you honestly, I'm not in the right position to blog about the latest gadgets or technology in the market today. In short,  I'm not a techie person. Even my phone is already outdated! But to be surrounded with a bunch of techie guys (half of our office population is dominated by men), I can't help but to also give in with the latest of today's technology. 

iPad3. It was released just a few days ago and lucky me (I mean us), we were able to see the one of the latest iPad3 in the Philippines.The techie big boss just got one which is the 3rd here in our country, and like a little boy with a new toy, here's to show some of their photos unveiling the latest from Apple.

iPad3 is very similar to iPad2 in physical aspects, only a bit thicker by 0.6 mm. It can even fit into an iPad2's Smart Cover.

Do take note that iPad3 has a bigger camera diameter than iPad2, which can basically give you a clearer photo.

And of course, since iPad3 is already on Dual-core Apple A5X, it's performance is better than iPad2 - definitely a good news for iPad users.

You can view the full comparison right here.

For Philippine pricing and product specs, go to the nearest Apple Customer Service Center near you. Big boss and guy friends won't tell me where they got it on very great deal.