Budget Friendly Hotel In El Nido: Dormitels

photo of dormitels el nido

Have you enjoyed my previous post about Eco Hotels? After a few hours of posting it, I had several messages that came in via Instagram asking me for other hotel options in Palawan that are budget friendly and does not require thousands of pesos to spend with. 

Like I mentioned on my travel tips in going to El Nido, it's fairly easy to look for a budget friendly hotel - all you have to do is book it ahead of time and don't travel without any reservations. Agoda and Booking.com has a lot to offer but majority of them are located at the city proper which in my own opinion is not really advisable because it gets really noisy at night. 

The good news is Eco Hotels has a sister hotel that caters to backpackers, transient travellers and practical vacationers - and that is Dormitels!

But Why Choose DORMITELS Over Other Hostels In El Nido, Palawan?

 photo of dormitels el nido

When I arrived in El Nido, I didn't have a hotel during my first night and mainly relied on blogs to find an accommodation. I was able to locate this 'mystery' backpacker's hotel that many have mentioned as very budget friendly, nice place, and easy to find. Not in my case unfortunately, and I ended being restless at night because of the noise of transportation and people coming in and out of their rooms at the hostel.

So my answer to my own question is pretty straight forward: Dormitels is practically cheap, quiet, AND clean. And don't get me wrong, I like mingling and socialising with people but not when I'm extremely tired and want to get a good night sleep.

photo of dormitels el nido

Another thing is that not all 'budget-friendly' hotels in El Nido have basic facilities like Dormitels.

At Dormitels, you get to have a room where you can choose between an AC or a ceiling fan. You also get to bathe in your own  bathroom (most hostels have bathrooms for sharing, and it is not very hygienic in my own opinion). And lastly, you get to watch TV at your own space.

Clean sheets with fresh towels are available upon arrival, they have similar check-in and check-out timings with Eco Hotels. They also follow the ethos of Eco Hotels so everything here is eco-friendly.

photo of dormitels el nido

How Cheap Are The Room Rates?

Just like the room rates of Eco Hotels, room rate depends on the seasonality. When I arrived in November, they are already on a high season dates and the price lies between USD 10-25. The last promotion that they have is at Php 390 (about USD 7) per room per night so might as well bookmark their Facebook and Instagram page for you to avail these offers.  

If you are looking to book a room at this hotel, you can book it directly here:

Dormitels El Nido - Book Your Room Here
Call: +63 2 8815318 to 19

You can also check Booking.com and Agoda for hidden promotions.

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Did this post helped in choosing a budget-friendly hotel in El Nido? Do let me know in the comments below! 

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**I was invited to stay at the hotel, opinion and photos are my own.

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