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Budget Friendly Hotel In El Nido: Dormitels

photo of dormitels el nido

Have you enjoyed my previous post about Eco Hotels? After a few hours of posting it, I had several messages that came in via Instagram asking me for other hotel options in Palawan that are budget friendly and does not require thousands of pesos to spend with. 

Like I mentioned on my travel tips in going to El Nido, it's fairly easy to look for a budget friendly hotel - all you have to do is book it ahead of time and don't travel without any reservations. Agoda and has a lot to offer but majority of them are located at the city proper which in my own opinion is not really advisable because it gets really noisy at night. 

The good news is Eco Hotels has a sister hotel that caters to backpackers, transient travellers and practical vacationers - and that is Dormitels!

Where To Stay In El Nido: Eco Hotel

photo of el nido palawan hotel
Reception area of Eco Hotel in El Nido, Palawan
As promised on my post 'The Essentials - A First Timer's Guide To El Nido Palawan' , I'd briefly take you inside Eco Hotel, the chic eco-friendly hotel where I have stayed during my 4-day catching-up-with-myself vacay in El Nido, Palawan. This hotel is located in Brgy. Corong-corong, a few kilometers away from the busy and very congested town proper.