Off The Runway - Fashion Forward DXB SS '17

photos of stylish people on Fashion Forward

I did a little sneaky stunt at Fashion Forward DXB ;) . Apart from my *secret dream* to walk on the runway (if I wasn't 5'1 tall and had the perfect teeth, I swear I'll do it!), it has been my long dream to be standing in the Media Pit capturing runway photos. Winning the Best Use Of Photography on Cosmo Awards got me a special pass and connections like, you know *winkwink*.

Even so, I'd do anything to get a pass but many thanks to Samsung Gulf for organizing this and the super friendly people of Fashion Forward Dubai, it is my honour to present to you a 360 photo of the event place:

I had the most hectic week to be completely honest (with side by side events and parties) and only made it to the Media Pit on the last day for Varoin Marwah's collection. The #LocalGuidesDubai Instameet was a huge success and it went pretty well but I will share that with you guys later.

What Do Stylish People Wear

Hai - D3's white walls

I made a little experiment in this part of Hai -d3's white walls. Some guests and visitors are passing by and I can't help but notice how they walk with confidence - I love this kind of attitude! Maybe it's because they are at a fashion event (and most fashionistas are wired that way?) but they are just so stylish that they can freely move at the same time without having to worry about what people think of what they wear.

About 30 minutes of just clicking randomly here are some of my favourite outfits at Fashion Forward SS'17:

She's my favourite at Day 1, this is @desert.vogue on Instagram!

Of course, I also got a few ones out of the white walls, lucky I was able to bump into my good friend Paul Ramos . I wonder where my other babies are?

Soraya Bacai and Paul Ramos at Fashion Forward DXB SS'17

Samsung Gulf had a booth where they showcased one of my most loved device, the Gear 360 which I have personally tried in Amsterdam at the Google Street View Summit last May. I'm a VR enthusiast so to speak that's why I was at their booth most of the time!

Samsung guys, letting visitors experience a fashion show using virtual reality technology

Varoin Marwah's Collection (On Media Pit)

This is an interesting show I was able to see, a catwalk with denims of different weights, colours, textures and structure. What I loved about it how the models carried themselves in blue and teal, a colour I personally love for guys!

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Post in collaboration with Samsung Gulf and Fashion Forward, photos and opinion are my own.

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  1. Cool street fashion eh. Awesome, and I love the way to portrait them.