October Round Up - Events That Happened In Dubai [Unpublished]

food and lifestyle event photos in Dubai

Ohai ohai! The previous month has been extremely busy, you can tell that on my IG stories! Whatever I haven't published on my monthly archives, you will definitely find it here as I have decided to do a monthly round -up of events I have attended. So here you go!

International Coffee Day at Grind (October 1, 2016)

We celebrated International Coffee Day with our friends at the Grind, they have a food truck located at Kite Beach where you can find Salt, both food trucks are products of the hospitality group INDPT. Free coffee was served between 4-7pm and geez, we enjoyed it along with some Instagrammers in Dubai!

Yo! Sushi - Sushi Masterclass (October 3, 2016)

I also got invited to a sushi making masterclass from Yo! Sushi Burjuman . You guys can tell how much of a sushi lover I am (I can eat sushi almost everyday) so just imagine how hyped I am when I was at the event (jumping up and down!). Blogger friends were also there including Myla of FindMeAbreak, Nehan, and Lester of TheMetroSapiens.

We were enlightened on how fresh salmon were cut before it goes on any of the sushi plates and we were thought how you can make use of every part of the salmon's meat in making sushi. Of course we were also able to make our very own sushi roll - they even gave us a sushi making kit for us to try at home. Here's how we did it:

And tell you what, they have an on-going promotion for sushi lovers across all Yo! Sushi branches in Dubai. Just visit any of their stores every Monday and every BLUE plate on the sushi belt will only cost you AED 16 per plate, that's a lot of savings! You can also follow other promotions on their Facebook and Instagram. (Thanks Lady H for the invite, I definitely enjoyed it!

Cath Kidston X Winnie The Pooh (October 6, 2016)

As always, we never get left behind the latest collections from Cath Kidston. Our friends at Club Apparel always make sure they forward us invites, and many thanks again guys for spoiling us with goodies!

Bloggerang X Shedd App Hangout (October 15, 2016)

Got up close and personal with my favourite UAE based fashion bloggers this time, we had a hangout at Muchachas  for Shedd App! I've been a registered Shedd App member since 2015 and this was the only time I got properly acquainted with the application alongside a workshop for 'selling' techniques by no other than Dee Mohamud of Street Style Savvy.

If you haven't heard about it yet, Shedd is a mobile app where you can resell your pre-loved items and buy second hand items from different people in the region.  The app is available on App Store and Google Play and is very very easy to use (use it like your Instagram!). Simply take a clear and nice photo of the item that you like to sell, put a price, and describe your item the best way you could! You can also put hashtags in the description so your items can easily be found online. It's a great app for budget hunters like me (I do buy second hand too) and also good for those shoppaholics who tend to buy as many fashion items as they can until they find their closet full (haha!).

New At ACER (October 18, 2016)

 I was also able to meet other influencers at an event by Acer, we got super excited when they let us explore their newest blogging and gaming laptops at Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

#LocalGuidesDubai Meet-up (October 22, 2016)

We had a super awesome and fun meet up with the Instagram community and got to introduce to them how Google Local Guides work and we all participated on the Local Guides Challenge initiated by Google. I'm writing that on a separate post to update you on how it went but just to let you guys know, we had 73 people who attended the meet, YAY! We also made it to Khaleej Times!

Here's a shout out to Carl and Salman who helped me organise this meet and to the IgersDubai community for the support!

Divan Patisserie Opens at Dubai Mall (October 26, 2016)

One of the world's leading Turkish delight and chocolate brand Divan Patisserie opened in Dubai Mall and we were invited to their cocktail event. We got to taste their mousse cakes and macarons. The shop which is located somewhere near the Dubai Mall fountain entrance looks very intimidating but I was a bit surprised to see their macarons priced only at AED 9 per piece. You know where to go now if you're craving for one *winkwink*.

Trying out Healthy Treats at Super Natural Kitchen (October 28, 2016)

Sally of MyCustardPie introduced me to Chef Athena's creations at Super Natural Kitchen. Located at the upper deck of Galleries Lafayette, this 100% vegan, raw, and plant based restaurant is everything that a vegetarian would look for.  Their food menu includes starters, salads, mains, juices, smoothies and many more. As always, the ones I have tried are those inspired by Asian dishes, a vegan California Sushi Roll and Spring Rolls, both all made up of crunchy vegetables with very unique flavors. Chef recommended their most famous juice 'Super Exotic' and I really liked it. I came  from a dip in the ocean with some friends that's why I ordered refreshing and light meals. I went back 3 days after and tried their Super Natural Salad, it was UH-MAZING!

And yes, they also deliver so try to check them out on Deliveroo so you can have their all healthy meals at the comfort of your own table! 

Saladicious Grillz launch at City Walk (October 30, 2016)

To end my crazy busy month, the last event I have attended was the intimate dinner we had at Saladicious Grillz as they launched their restaurant in City Walk, this is in partnership with my favourite magazine Cosmopolitan Middle East.

From their menu I have tried their  Pepper  Beef  Steak (Angus beef tenderloin rubbed with fresh cracked pepper, butter and cream) with Sauteed Mushrooms on the side and a glass of their freshly blended avocado shake., followed by their Halloween special deserts. Overall it was a really great meal, even tastes better that Fridays (yay!). You can find them on the corner street of City Walk near Geek Nation, look for the patio in between HubZero and Reel Cinema's and you will find Saladicious Grillz at the end of it near the road.

*  *  *  *

Expect more round-ups for the next coming months, November is also packed with lots of things! For real time updates of my whereabouts, do follow me on Instagram and check my instastories too!


  1. These are such an interesting list of event. I will be visiting Dubai by the next year via CityCard Dubai. I wonder what events do they have in January?

    1. Hi Ameera! You can check the Dubai Calendar for events, or else watch my Instagram page! :)