Behind The Scenes - Instagram's 14th Worldwide Instameet in Dubai

Dubai instagrammers

My nth Instameet this year. Since I have missed #WWIM13 , I made sure I reserved the whole weekend to meet and interact with the community. We were up as early as six in the morning of the 17th, ready and all geared up so we can take as much creative photos as we can.

Why so early you asked? The theme of this season's World Wide Instameet is all about food and Dubai is definitely the best place to be in  - this trend-setting, international city is a home to a growing foodie culture.

Several restaurants hosted the Instameet including Tom and Serg, the newly opened Mexican restaurant Muchachas and of course, a local Emirati restaurant called Al Baital Al Qadeem  where we have tried authentic Arabic food. We were basically eating the whole day, how cool is that!

Other than exploring different dishes and cuisines, I witnessed how igers actually 'style' their super cool #flatlay and #onthetable photos right before my eyes. I'm not really good at those to be honest, and this instameet served as an avenue for me to learn some tricks. Thus, I have documented the behind the scenes of this meet in Dubai.

We capped off the day on a desert safari adventure (many thanks to our dear friend @aalrais for making it possible) just to produce one of the most epic food photo on the #WWIM14🍴:

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Explore the photos on Instagram through #WWIM14_Dubai ,  #wwim14🍴🇦🇪 ,  and #WWIM14_adayindubai, group photos can be found on @igersdubai and @discoverUAE.

Tom & Serg

instameet behind the scenes

creative instagram photo

Muchachas - Holiday Inn Al Safa Park

Al Baital Al Qadeem

Desert Adventure

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