Finding The Best Eggs (For Breakfast) That Will Never Break Your Heart

photo of La Serre boulangerie

I confess: aside from my thing for walls, doors, windows and food, I have a thing for eggs. Not the kind of egg that breaks your heart into pieces but eggs that actually make somebody else's morning - the breakfast eggs.

And Downtown Dubai is a great spot for an early egg hunting.  Come search for best breakfasts in Dubai and you will easily come across several restaurants located at the Centre of Now. This means, a handful of eggs, of different recipes and flavours, from different countries, is waiting to be discovered.

photo of bloggers doing their usual thing

Along with a few blogger friends (Lady, Doc Gelo, Myla, and Kriska), we crawled the stretch of Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard to search for the best breakfast eggs being offered in Downtown Dubai. What we found is more than just a plate.

Eggs Benedict - La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie

photo of eggs benedict

Even the breakfast hunters will agree, La Serre has the best tasting eggs benedict in Dubai. You can even try to copy their own recipe of their most instagrammed dish but getting the perfect thickness of their Hollandaise sauce, I bet. This is because they source all of their ingredients from local and international organic farms so everything they serve is as good and tasty as you think it is. No wonder they have won What's On 2015 Awards and was named Dubai's Restaurant of the Year.

Boon coffee

Freshly baked breads are available at the boulangerie as early as 7:00am, I recommend to try their croissant to start with. And if you want a cup of coffee to go with it, a variety of freshly brewed coffee (cappuccino and latte are my favourites) is readily available with coffee art on the side.

Spot them at: VIDA Hotel Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard Downtown Dubai, UAE

See inside La Serre's boulangerie here:

Omelette and Breakfast Pan's Sunny Side Up - Fümé Neighbourhood Eatery 

photo of an omelette

photo of Fume Breakfast pan

This restaurant with a vintage feel attached to Manzil Hotel opened in Downtown a few months back and a lot of breakfast hunters like we do have given the same verdict: their eggs were good too. Not as fancy as the ones served at La Serre though, their omelette in particular has it's own unique character. It has this special texture - it reminds me more of the countryside life I've read in books and magazines. Well, the interior has got a lot to say...

Fume is serving a few breakfast smoothies - one thing that will ruin your concept of early morning drinks, but in a really good way. We have tried their Dubai mango mash and Burj Berry, both of them are really good. But they are also serving monster shakes as early as 8:00am so we didn't miss the chance to try it, we had Bro-nut and Berry freaky. Two-thumbs up!

best breakfast smoothies

We stayed a little longer at Fume, never realised we were there for 2 straight hours! Before we left though, two rainbow bagels arrived on our table free of charge. I guess the duty manager noticed our photography stunts while taking the shots so thank you Mr. Manager!

Spot them at: MANZIL Hotel Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard Downtown Dubai, UAE

See inside Fümé Neighbourhood Eatery here:

Shakshuka Eggs - The Bench at Rove Hotel Downtown

brunch at rove

I'm pretty sure you have heard about this new hipster hotel near Dubai Mall. Rove Hotel is the name and The Bench brunch at The Daily is my game - note that this is still part of our breakfast hunt! From here I have tried their penne al forno for breakfast but I liked their Shakshuka eggs the most. It's quite tasty with flavours coming from  the roasted pepper and tomato in it.

Like I said, the newly opened hotel is very hipster like and it really appealed to the expat community. To my surprise, there's also a large number of locals staying in the hotel when we visited. 

As early as 10am, the venue is full for the breakfast buffet so we had to wait for an hour to get a seat for brunch. It was the same The Bench brunch stationed at the Pavillion of The Address a while back that's why the breakfast hunters wasn't surprised to see a good number of diners.

There's a lot to choose from as we booked for brunch. Aside from the unlimited buffet where you can select your own choice of cold cuts, salads, breads, juices, tarts, and many others, it also comes with a menu from the kitchen where you can choose one serving for yourself.

Spot them at: ROVE Hotel Zabeel 2 Downtown Dubai, UAE

See inside ROVE Hotel here:

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The breakfast hunt is an invitation I forwarded to my dear food and travel blogger friends who are pretty much close to my heart. We all came in as regular customers and paid for our own expense, because food is what keeps us together.

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