Dining At Intersect By Lexus

Intersect by Lexus interior photo

If you think this post is about cars, no it is not. This is a food review and here in Dubai, you can easily connect cars with food because there's always a common ground for everything. Wait... what?

Photo of Intersect by Lexus walls

I took a chance and wrote Lady F an email (I'm fond of naming PR people with their initials) and asked for permission to photograph Intersect By Lexus after reading an interesting magazine article that picked my interest. I find it hard to locate this on Google maps at first but here you go, I already placed them on Street View for everyone's convenience, you can even take a sneak peek inside:

What's chic in the morning turns into a very posh restaurant at night. I'd say this would be the perfect spot to hold late night business meeting as they offer dinner and drinks at the mini-bar. Yes they are authorised to do so; they are affiliated with a hospitality chain from Intercontinental Hotel Group although the location is down at the business area in DIFC district - a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

photo of The Garage at Intersect by Lexus

What used to be a mini-showroom for Lexus' latest car innovation called The Garage transformed into a mini party bar that houses crafts exclusively made for the famed brand. Artisan wares, travel bags, clothing and more - DIFC fashionistas, you now have a go-to after work! Sadly, the installation at the lower floor called Crafted For Lexus is only be available until September. I wonder what's in store next?

We picked a seat near the bar, in between marble pillars filled with art and design books. Mr. M approached and offered us a few things to munch on: carrot emulsion and chickpea hummus on linseed crackers.

photo of starters at Intersect by Lexus

Juices and starters were served while we wait for the most awaited dinner of the year (well, I exaggerated on that part). My dining companion and I are light eaters so we opted for Scottish Scallops to start with, we had it for sharing.

food photos Intersect by Lexus

A picture perfect starter so to say,  the pan-seared loch fyne scallops with butternut squash, samphire, and scallop crackers tastes so real I even forgot how scallops taste anymore. The last time I had it was what, ages ago?

While waiting for the mains that took about 10 minutes to arrive at the table, I explored the interiors of the restaurant. Most foodies may have not observed it but the ceiling resemble the sand dunes of the UAE, with hanging magnificent industrial chandelier made from hand blown glass made exclusively for Lexus.

The charming piece in the middle is one piece of art from a Japanese artist, The Lexus City, mounted in a huge chunk of marble from Italy (as how I remembered). 'It's the first in Dubai,' Mr. M said and I nodded with a yes. Because of all the restaurants in this marvellous city of glitz and glam (Habibi, you're in Dubai), where can you find a piece of marble as huge as that?

Then came our main course: a serving of Chilean Seabass and First Light Co-Operation Beef Short Ribs. Both are 'feel good food', as how Chef Tomas Reger described their menu.

A fillet of Chilean Seabass grilled in perfection, I tried decoding where the flavour is coming from but failed twice. The fish was glazed with onion puree, a taste that is very new to my palate. It somehow gives a hint of butter but not really.  The serving comes with Pak Choi and Yuzu Dressed Turnips and looks very pleasing to the eyes.

food photo Fillet of Chilean Seabass

Then there's the Beef Short Ribs - a slab of grass fed wagyu ribs cooked for 36 hours. Imagine 36 long hours!  This one's served with celeriac and leek puree but incomparable with the first dish. Seafood won my heart first.

Short Ribs photo

We dined on a Monday night and they have Amazing Aperol Mondays that includes 50% off on all Aperol beverages but we skipped the alcohol in exchange of freshly brewed coffee from Ethopia through Syphon brewing method and Matcha Ceremonial Grade.

matcha tea food photo

And to cap off the night, a slice of Lichu Hazelnut Chocolate Cake made me cry like a kid in a good way - it's really good! The last time I gasped with desserts was when I visited a hidden cafe in Abu Dhabi, now I found my favourite here in Dubai.

In summary, a dinner for two for approximately AED 500 is not bad at all especially if you're spending it for quality food in a posh environment - even their staffs know this by heart. There are very few restaurants in Dubai that serves food from the finest ingredients and organic produce and Intersect by Lexus is one of them. I'm glad to have tried this out.

Here's a line up of weekly offers at Intersect by Lexus DIFC, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram or book a table at +9714 355 9524 :

Amazing Aperol Mondays

Date: Every Monday
Time: All day
Price: Includes 50% off all Aperol beverages

Business Lunch at INTERSECT BY LEXUS 

Date: Sunday to Thursday
Time: 12-3pm
2 courses AED 90 |3 courses AED 110
Sommelier’s Choice Beverage AED 30 p/glass

Wednesday Brunch Experience

Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Entertainment: Live Band
Price: Includes unlimited hot and cold starters, one entrée and unlimited desert
AED 175 (unlimited soft beverages)
AED 250 (unlimited hops & grape beverages)
AED 450 (unlimited bubbly)

Friday, A La Carte Brunch

Date: Every Friday
Time: 1PM – 4PM
Entertainment: Live Band
Price: Includes unlimited hot and cold starters, one entrée and unlimited desert
AED 195 (unlimited soft beverages)
AED 295 (unlimited hops & grape beverages)
AED 495 (unlimited bubbly)

*  *  *  *

We were invited to dine at this facility. Photos and opinion are solely my own.


  1. "There's a common ground for everything!" Yup yup! Like food and travel, fashion and travel, food and fashion! Hehehe. This restaurant is really something! Love it!