4 Other Things You Can Do Inside A Shoe Store In Dubai

not just a shoe store

Dubai spoiled us too much with splendid things. If you're a shopaholic, you definitely should go and visit this city because it has all the luxe and glam you'd be looking for - full package, with add ons.

where to buy shoes in Dubai

Shopping for shoes for example. There is one particular district that I love in Dubai Mall - The Level Shoe District. You will find the best of the high-end and street style shoe fashion here - from Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Oscar De La Renta down to Adidas, Nike, Fred Perry, Urban - name it and they have it.

Surprisingly, it's not only the head-turning shoes that you can find here. Shoes in Dubai has already been considered a lifestyle and here are 4 other things that you can do in this concept store when shopping for your perfect fit:

1. Shoe Styling Session

Dubai shoe stylists

Men will never understand the concept of shoe styling but some of us, ladies, need it and Level Shoe District have it. You can have a one-on-one session with their dedicated stylist in order for you to get an idea of the season’s styles and trends. If you also have an outfit and your looking for a pair of shoes that will perfectly go with it, they can also assist you on that.

2. Nail Pampering at Sole Lounge (Margaret Dabbs London)

manicure and pedicure Dubai Mall

Sole Lounge by Margaret Dabbs  is the first that branched out of London. They have taken their expertise and brought their professional podiatrists (an expert who deals with in growns) and nail technicians to offer first class professional pedicures here in Dubai. Most of their key products have emu organic oil - which basically means getting a mani-pedi here is quite expensive.

3. Posh Dining At The Vogue Cafe

The Level Shoe District


Vogue Cafe - that VERY posh restaurant inside Level Shoe District. A bit pricey for dinner or lunch but I really loved their grilled salmon and chicken breast - both sides and their sauces went well with the meat. Oh, and the desserts are really dainty and yummy.

4. Explore Different Art Installations 

The Level Shoe District

Level Shoe District has a very unique concept - it showcase different art installations from people of Dubai and around the world. They also showcase an Instagram Gallery of our previously held MyShoesMyCity Instameet

This sums up my 4 things. If you're looking for other things to do at this shoe store, here's a useful link that you can visit.

The Level Shoe District
The Dubai Mall — Ground Floor
Downtown Dubai — UAE
800.LEVEL.SD (800.538.3573)
Sunday to Wednesday: 10AM – 12AM
Thursday to Saturday: 10AM – 12AM