Christmas In Dubai 2014

Christmas in Dubai

Just a quick post to greet everyone a very Happy Christmas! Been here in Dubai since December last year and it's my second time celebrating the yuletide seasons in UAE. I missed my family and friends in the Philippines but my current roomies made Dubai a little bit close to home.

What we all have in common is the appetite for good food.  Since we are all Filipinos living in our apartment, we all love recipes from our home country. We had pansit and lechon but we also included carbonara, hamon de bola, fried chicken, siomai, chuchuvara, and few other pica-pica in our menu.

Food (and love) keeps us all together, we find quality time sharing stories on our dining table.We've done the usual Pinoy food preparation: cooked and made everything from scratch. 

This is beef, ok?

I wasn't able to take photos of the rest of how we prepared everything but sure we all enjoyed it. I'm lucky to have shared my Christmas with these people, it really feels a lot like home.

This is half of the room mates saying Merry Christmas.

And this is me saying I'm thankful of having them around, I won't trade them for any other house buddies. Not now, not ever.