Begin Again Beta Version (Hello 2015!)

Warning:  this is not a movie review. A few more hours we will all begin another year. Am I going to celebrate? Absolutely. Why? I love fireworks. Period.

I don’t want to go UBER sentimental on how my 2014 went, trust me it has never been this bizarre. I don’t want to over analyze things either, go back and reflect on what happened each and every single day of the past year, when all things have already been said and done. Lessons learned on wanting more and giving back. On pleasing people. On putting yourself first. Blahblahblahblah.

So for a change, I am listing a few things I want to do for 2015 because I haven’t done anything like this before. Inshallah, I can get all these done before the year ends next year (crossing fingers).

1.     Skydive – I have fear of heights and I think if I do this activity, I might overcome this fear. And it’s a must-try activity in Dubai, so why not give it a try.
2.     Enroll in a dance class – I really want to learn salsa. Or Kizomba. Any foreign dance with good beat. (I’m also considering tango and ballet, strange right?)
3.     Learn to play one musical instrument – my roommate has an electronic keyboard at our apartment which keeps us busy on weekends. But I want to learn how to read the notes and how to play using two hands. I’m also considering violin/cello classes. I just they’re cool.
4.     Write and record one song – I was inspired to do this because of our regular weekend karaoke night (which got our flat in trouble a couple of times already, maybe I should write something about it).
5.     Go out of the UAE thrice – this will happen for sure because I’ve listed itineraries already, so excited!
6.     Learn how to roller skate – yes, don’t laugh. I don’t know how to use roller skates. *inserts eyeroll here*
7.     Buy an oven – I cook sometimes. And cooking makes me feel awesome. And the last time we made a dough from scratch, it felt awesome.
8.     Buy a polaroid camera.
9.     Get Cancan a new lens – been wanting to buy one, I’m freakin’gonna do it this year.
10.  Or get a new camera instead.
11.  Watch Ed Sheeran live – he’s coming to Dubai this 2015!
12.  Get a tattoo – papa will surely be mad about it but he will understand, hihi.
13.  Visit all Emirates in the UAE – finished Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi already.
14.  Discover more hole-in-the-wall finds in UAE.
15.  Go on a camping.
16.  Learn and recite one Arabic song - without a copy in hand.
17.  Spend a night in one of Palm Jumeirah’s hotel.
18.  Review 15 hotels in Dubai on Trip Advisor.
19.  Review at least 20 restaurants in Dubai.
20.  Make at least 25 outfit posts – excuse thy vanity, I think it’s about time to expose the fancy finds in my closet. And promise, they are not expensive!

These are the first 20 and I guess I might add up more, we really never know. I do things randomly without even having seconds thoughts. As the song goes from Begin Again, "Best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand." I'd rather make the most out of all the things that come my way rather than  stop, over-think, over-analyze, and miss an opportunity. Never again. 

Join me? 

Image from IMDB