Dubai Adventures - Barakat Fresh and Easy Juice Factory

Barakat Dubai


I'm sure you'll be surprised if I tell you that I pretty much enjoy factories. My memories of big ice cream machines and long strands of noodles back when I was still in kindergarten are still vivid and the last trip I had in the field was at a newspaper printing press.

But I'm in Dubai and beautiful buildings and amazing architecture are supposed to be my first stop in getting to know the city so why a fruit and vegetable factory?

Dubai, Jumeirah Road

We arrived at Barakat Fresh and Easy cafe in the morning with a few more food enthusiasts. Getting an invite to see how things are created is quite a big importance to me, it's educational.

Visiting the cafe for the first time gave me an idea that raw ingredients and fresh fruits are not only being sold in supermarkets, they can be pre-ordered too.

My room mate Jason, who haven't gotten any sleep, joined me on my fresh adventure, It's good to have a company once in awhile. Would've been more perfect if *Cooper* joined but he's busy.

And yes, we loved the strawberry juice. It tastes real, with pulp on the side!

We were introduced to the happy Barakat team where they happily shared the values their company follow with all sincerity. See, when you do little things, give your best, and it comes from the heart, the world conspires with you to achieve a goal - make other people happy.

And we arrived just in time. The factory is about 20-30mins away from the cafe.

We were welcomed by the CEO, who then discussed a lot of interesting things and magic at Barakat Quality Plus headquarters.

We also met Chef Mike who, I think, is the bubbliest chef in the world (his recipes are all easy breezy by the way).

Of course we have to gear up and tada! We are all cute green penguins! *inserts hohoho here*

Inside the factory, we roamed and watched how they produce all the goodness of fruits and vegetables they deliver in the market. Quite surprising that their well-trained staffs do everything by hand with precision. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take my mobile inside - I would've taken a video of the amazing pineapple man that works like a machine!

And what's a tour without juice tasting? Pam's giving a thumbs-up for everything because believe it or not, everything taste sooo good.

And more food tasting afterwards. :)

That ends the fresh adventure which I honestly enjoyed (look at our faces, come on!). And wanna know a little secret? It's Barakat who distributes the fruit pack in one of Dubai's largest airlines (first class, in particular) and  one of the most famous coffee shops in the world - rest assured that what goes in your tummy are really fresh and healthy.

See you on my next Dubai Adventure!