DXB Updates

Hi from Dubai!

Online life is back and I'm thankful for the spare time I have as I get to write a few words here. I'm not really that good in putting words together but the help I am getting from awesome people are more than enough to say that there is a possibility for me to become a better and competent writer someday. Who knows.

This is my seat and this is where I spend 8hours of magic and brand stalking. A digital marketer is like a CIA you see. I have all the resources to get all information I need.

If I'm not on my desk, I'm in the kitchen. I cook as well and I love experimenting with ingredients.

Like a toddler, I easily get attracted to bright colors. This is just one of the photos I took from the tour I have attended at Barakat Middle East. People find it weird for me to get giddy on factory tours but who cares. Getting educated on how things are created is quite a big importance for me. It is a fresh adventure anyway.

I got these from Club Apparel's Birkenstock event at Pier 7 and these are my favorite slippers to date.

And lastly, this is the other side of my tummy.

Updates again soon, ciao! ;)