Comfy Dubai and I (Absolutely) Love My Birks!

Birkenstock Piazza Green
Leopard Scarf | Forever 21 White Top | Denim Short | Neon Green Birkenstock Piazza
Hello there!

Probably my first take on OOTD because I'm feeling a little comfy right now. I can still remember the very first time I set foot to Dubai - my relatives from the Philippines have been telling me not to wear my comfy island clothes because the city is very conservative (they said I can get fined with dressing up on shorts and stuff).

With almost a year of expatriation, I realized that what I've been hearing are not true. Dubai is an open city and you can actually dress yourself up however you want to be dressed up.

Comfortable Dubai Clothing

Comfort is what I always look for in fashion and as much as possible,  the things I wear are the pieces that can make my body move freely. A loose, sexy white shirt is THE perfect choice when in Dubai because you can pair it with almost anything - a denim, red skirt, shorts, even corporate pants!

Another piece of item that you might want to consider is your choice of footwear, mine is definitely Birkenstock.

It's the only pair that lets my feet breathe comfortably. I was able to take a sneak peek of their Spring/Summer 2015 collection (Club Apparel distributes the sandals in Dubai and UAE along with other well-known brands) and here are my top picks:

Butterfly from Papillio collection

Butterfly Birkenstock Papillio collection
Bella from Papillio collection

The new Papillio Collection contains feminine, fashionable sandals that particularly appeal to women. In addition to the global trend colors and materials, the new models with platform soles and wedge heels and models with 4-cm heels offer an extensive selection to choose from when accessorizing new favorite outfits with an assured sense of style.

Madrid from EVA collection

The beloved BIRKENSTOCK classics can now also be worn in wet areas, thanks to the use of high-quality EVA plastic. This makes the versatile sandal lightweight, flexible and washable, whilst still featuring the anatomically shaped footbed. The exact 1:1 copy of the classics, which was launched onto the market some one hundred years ago, is made in Germany with the same BIRKENSTOCK quality for which the brand is renowned.

The perfect copies of the 50-year-old originals are now also available in high-quality EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), thus promising a truly unique experience for the feet. After all, EVA material is extremely soft and light and also has a shock-absorbing effect. Uneven ground underfoot is automatically compensated and every step is cushioned. Another advantage is that EVA can easily be washed. This makes the sandals sturdy yet comfortable companions for wearing in a wide range of locations, from wet areas to the home, garden and beach.

I'm really getting a little comfortable in here, everything is starting to be in place. Hope it lasts, too.*crossing fingers*