Sneak Peek : Travel Agency Life - March

Hi from Dubai!
Kites Beach - Dubai UAE

I'm trying to get myself back to writing - "trying"  an operative word. Deactivating one of my social networks somehow gave me time to reflect on the things that happened for the past what - 4 or 5 years? I mean I've wasted too much already: time, energy, effort, prolly relationship, and what nots (apologies if I can't  refrain myself from speaking my mind). Perhaps I can say I am now a little bit cautious on who to expose my vulnerability although more often than not, I still go beyond the boundaries I set for myself. I constantly break my own rules maybe because the world is not that safe anymore - an endless demonstration that this humanity can still be trusted and an assurance that  no one will hurt a fragile heart like mine is all I need for now. Or at least.

A sneak peek of my TA life. I feel lucky that even I am just a newbie here in DXB, I was able to go places my relatives and peers have not visited just yet even if they have been staying here for  years already. That includes my aunt. Lol. My preference of getting employed in the travel and leisure industry was indeed the best decision I made during my job hunting days.

It was just last month when I first set foot to Abu Dhabi - the capital and the second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and also capital of the largest of the UAE's seven member emirates. Comparing it to Dubai, it's more of a serious city where part of it is completely covered with silence. The streets only get busy after 10am.

While my colleague and I stayed most of the nights at Oryx Hotel (a decent 4 Star Hotel near Corniche area) to mainly sleep and eat, we assisted for an event at Emirates Palace attending for more than 200 Kazakhs.Kids and adults.

Another first time, please allow me to show you around the Sheikh's palace. :)

This hall. Seeing this reminds me of Jason Magbanua's wedding video from one of his shoots. Again.

I have always been fascinated by wooden doors until I arrived in the UAE. Big windows sort of became my thing recently.

The pastels, of course, took my heart by surprise. The kids who I have assisted played with these while their moms and dads attended  the conference.

Not only that we stayed in just one place, I was also able to go to Yas Island to quickly get a glimpse of Yas Water World and Ferrari World. Ha!

And another best of this trip is baby sitting this kid, who eventually became a frequent visitor in the office. For some reasons, babies bring out the inner child in me.

I wish I can show more but then, other photos are not for show.The next coming days are surely gonna be busy. I accepted something I can't resist which means I'll be back to doing freelance stuff and the like online - that should keep me busy and take me away from thinking too much. Let's try to be more productive, shall we? :p