Always Remember Me

I don't know how many times I've mentioned how I loved weddings so much it makes me cry watching wedding films like Jason Magbanua or Mayad Studios same day edit collections. Feelings and emotions captured on SDEs are one of a kind - they are eternal. So when I was able to set foot at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, I was in awe when I saw this (I accidentally found it while taking photos of the place). This could probably be a destination wedding here in UAE if only the community is open to Euro or Cali-like weddings, don't you think?

I am LSSing on this too:

I am saying this with honesty hoping that someday, somebody might understand: I have always been a fan of weddings and love stories, I just don't believe in them anymore. Maybe one day, I will learn to trust again.

Watch me as I fall
Into the water calling
Watch me as I sink
Into the sea and always remember me