Portfolio : Love And Boracay

Long over due post that took me ages to upload, if not for the portfolio I'm currently working on. I love natural light, period.

Vince and Alyssa are the very few reasons why I still believe in happily ever after. I met Alyssa at Puerto Galera through a common friend which started one of the greatest friendship I ever had up to date. On the other hand, I met Vince on Facebook flooding Alyssa's profile with sweetness and finally got to meet him during my first visit in Boracay. They are like my foster family here, I call them nanay and tatay (mom and dad).

This is the kind of love everybody must be of envy - waking up everyday never getting tired of cuddling each other.  I don't know how to call this set but if it's not love, it's more like it.

Shot super early in the morning  (6 or 7am) when Vince just woke up and Alyssa just  finished washing her face with water. Canon 350D portrait and kit lens.